Thursday, November 18, 2004

Alien communication

As a researcher, one of my jobs is debriefing people who believe they have been abducted by aliens. Yesterday I met one, and underwent almost 90 minutes of hypnosis, not to recover a possible abduction, but to fill in the gaps of two suspected ones, which we did. I always ask if I can communicate with the aliens through the subject, as under hypnosis most abductees are somehow able to speak with the voice of an alien (using their own voices) or be in communication where I ask a question and they pass it on and receive an answer.

Yesterday I received the first comprehensible report from one after a number of other attempts, and until I get a transcript of the tape, which I didn't have time to copy, I'll summarise the messages from my notes, and as soon as I get a copy I'll add the whole lot on

I went through my usual list of questions, and actually got answers which fit what I already know, and were consistent with each other. This is the list:

1)What is the reason for abducting people? "They are experimenting on life forms, reproductive units (how they see us) after creating us as their farm animals. Thus they have a duty to look after us as we do our own animals."

2)What do you get from the experiments? "We provide a gene pool, so what benefits humans benefits us as we are all the same, with the same genes."

3)Where are you from? "We have the same origins as you. We are one, we have polluted our own planet just as you are now polluting your own. We also had a community on Mars which is the origin of the face and other markings we can see on it. That was us, that is us."

4)Can you harm us? "We are totally safe in their hands, they see us as part of themselves. We all share the same origins"

5)Why do we forget abductions? "Sometimes we wipe memories, but usually the human soul cuts off such memories itself"

6) Can you heal our illnesses? "Not all. We can kill cancers without removing them, but some disorders are genetic or damaged organs which we can't always help"

7) How do you travel here? "We use channels which you are polluting with your wars, killing and pollution which makes it harder for us to use. We are the universe, we are everything. When people die they come into our channels and killing so many people blocks them for us. You must learn as we had to to stop war and polluting the Earth, which in turn pollutes the gene pool and creates new genetic disorders"

8) How do you hide your craft from us? "We can select certain people to see them, it's often the ordinary people we want to see us as what you call important people are more likely to ruin our messages"

9) What are your plans for mass disclosure? "We are planning a revelation in 2012. Meanwhile we have contracted with your governments to maintain secrecy. "

10)How do you decide who is abducted? "Your subject today needed more guidance, so we chose him for it"

11) Have I been abducted? "Yes, once, in East Grinstead in 1972, from a car, heading for Croydon" Could it have been 1982? "Yes, quite possibly 1982, we have problems converting to your time" Could it have been 1984, that was the first time I went there? "No, it was 1982" Who was I with? "A man was also abducted from the car, he was about 30 and had black curly hair and glasses called Sam or Zam/Zamm".

On reflection, I hadn't been to East Grinstead in 1982, I went with my father in 1984 and not to Croydon. But in 1982 I collected a friend from Gatwick airport, and the road home went through Croydon. At the time he was 20, not 30, but did have curly black hair and glasses and was called something like Sam or Zamm. His name was Jonathon, but his last name does actually almost have Sang in it! Though he had glasses, he rarely wore them and probably not on that day. Crawley is a few miles west of East Grinstead, and both have a road to Croydon. Were it not for this small detail the facts would have corresponded perfectly, as the subject had never met me till yesterday and I had to think for a while where I'd been 22 years ago. There were too many details to dismiss that. I was told I'd be abducted again soon, retain more memories and get some back from the first one when they chose to return them.

12) Why was I chosen for abduction? "I am gifted, they chose to use me, I am one of the most able of Earth volunteers"

I hope this is just the beginning of this particular project and will yield far more as I continue with it.


Stephanie Heart said...

Hello I became interested in your “blog” recently, but came upon it very accidentally. Your writings on Alien communication made me think about my own pervious thoughts about the possibility of Alien life and their communications with us. May I ask you, if you truly believe in this patients contact with Aliens? As a psychotherapist you must tend to more scientific explanations correct? The reason I am interested in what you wrote is because the communication said was about Aliens being more than just abductors for horrifying experiments on humans, but rather how we might of evolved from them and are part of them on a physical or spiritual level. If you can email me more ( info on this topic your researching on that would be appreciated. I have a blog myself which I invite you to read the title is “My Haunted Karma” and my name is Stephanie Heart.

Anonymous said...

I am really not sure how to say any of this without sounding crazy but I was having a conversation with the father to my eldest daughter and found out we have had very similiar nightmares.. One was soldiers all around and I keep finding a little hole int he wall to hide, but I am a kid when I have this nightmare, he has also had a very sililiar one, the other one was a white room, white hallways and running and running and so many door that I could not escape, he too has had this one.. as well I laid in my bed at nights and suddenly I would here what seemed ot be thousands of aircraft but when i jumped out of bed there was nothing.. When I was 5 or 6 I looked out my bedroom window and what seemed to be a circular ship with so many lights hovering over my complex.. I have missing times in my life but I assume it was to do with the abuse I suffered as a child.. But reading your blog I had a vision.. 3 green thinks sneaking around my home.. I was a little girl and holding a teddy bear, it was at night and one looked at me and put his finger to his mouth.. what is all of this??
you can email me at as well why would we have the exact same