Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Chaos in Kingsbury

Blimey, what a week, and it's only Tuesday... Well what I said about waiting for eggs to hatch and being tested is reaching its next level and I wish it wasn't. Of course, you have a set of good and bad eggs at any one time in your life, and actually few of either sort ever hatch, training us not to assume anything may happen in advance but only to concentrate on what's around now.

So I'll carry on as usual, paranoia and anxiety are easily spread like the flu, and I am prone to catching it at times, and if I'm being tested to learn to become immune to worse and worse possible imagined fates then I'm learning. But it sure takes it out of you.

I don't believe in karma as it means God controls our lives and as any regular here will know, I can't go along with that until I have my own out of body experience to know this directly as many have claimed to before. Of course, if it was true, it would all be good, as if there is a system controlling the universe intelligently, we're looked after, everything's looked after, and it's just a game where we don't really get hurt or killed. So this would have to be hidden from all but the masters as if you found this out you may not learn any more as you wouldn't take life seriously any more.

It starts this afternoon. I was waiting at a local bridge with my father, which is one lane and controlled with traffic lights. Well today they were jammed at red both ways so we had to ignore them as the traffic was backing up the length of the road. But I said they always stayed red for a long time and people were now reguarly overtaking the line to cross them at red, and it would serve them right if they had an accident. But he said what about the person they hit, and he had a point there.
But tonight, as I was driving through West Hendon planning my blog entry here, a twat in a Mini with his fog lights on did a rally turn into the road with the bridge at almost 30 mph (turning right before turning left to show off), followed by driving through the red light over the bridge, with a few other sheep which is happening more and more every day as the lights can often stay red for up to 5 minutes. It is actually the closest country lane to central London, all winds and twists, little pavements etc., and as I turned the worst of these bends there was a group of cars pulled up in the middle of the road. The total tosser had followed Marcus Gronholm's recent example in the Australian rally (on a very similar road) and taken the corner at 180', ending up sideways across the road with half the front of the car hanging off. I've no idea what he hit, as the other two cars had stopped to avoid him as they'd followed him through the red light, and I'd waited for them to turn green a few seconds later. They seemed OK, so he probably did a Marcus and hit a tree. Of course no one was hurt as I wouldn't have been so happy or reported it here either. They were just standing studying their wrecked car, hopefully to treat public roads with more respect in future. So the point about mentioning karma was that as I sat in my car imagining if there was karma my current predicament would be to teach me to ignore all 'eggs' that hadn't hatched, good or bad, and thought how unlikely that would be, when I saw someone receive their own apparent karma in the matter of a minute. And I've never seen an accident there in 9 years, so it's not a regualr black spot. And I've only ever heard of one accident before then in almost that place. What did I say about the scriptwriter making his presence obvious at times?
It's the third time I've seen 'smart' drivers caught immediately. The first was at a traffic lights where I'd fallen off my motorbike on a wet road when the lights turned red. The next day someone jumped them and was pinched by the police. The second time I was overtaken on a left turn. The car appeared round the next bend on its roof (and of course the driver walked out unhurt). So when you see your next wanker in a car who looks like they're heading for an accident, I can tell you, sometimes they will be, and in all my examples no one else was affected either. If karma was real, these would have been perfect examples.

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