Thursday, November 04, 2004


As real life in Kingsbury contains no genuine events beyond sitting opposite Arsene Wenger on Monday at an Arsenal reserves match, for a bit of fun I have decided to speculate on all the possible behind the scenes activities that may make their way into my awareness.

I've sent the ideas parts of the blog to two places now, one hasn't replied, as I expected, the other just went off today. As people have asked me to try and get some of my work they've read published it has encouraged me to believe eventually it will be recognised as usable, especially as seen through the eyes of a therapist.

I have just written a letter to one of the people I met on Big brother, so of course it would be incredible to get a reply. I don't trust them to forward it, as they probably bin most of the ones they get, but I can't think of any other way to make sure it gets there.

Otherwise, my guess based on experience is 'none of the above'.

By the way, I am fully aware of the times I repeat myself here, but that is because life repeats itself and this reflects my life. I hope each repetition is slightly different to the last similar entry, meaning life isn't actually moving in a circle but going in another direction at the same time as well. The dance of repeated events and progress from one wasted attempt to the next appears to be an endless cycle, not only since I started this but since over 2 years ago.

Just for fun (I've got little else to do at the moment) I'll try and think of any higher spots since life froze in 2002. The most important point is only one has been a lasting one, the rest came and went.

I did meet 4 big brother members, and get my 5 seconds on TV, as recorded here, and saw all 13 from last year from outside the party.
I have had answered all the questions on enlightenment, (ditto) in a recent lecture.
I am in contact with Kendall again.
I've had some articles published.
I met 7 Funtrivia members.

Now I'm struggling. In the same period,

I was turned down by a few women
I didn't get further than one job interview from all my applications
I was accused of being a criminal by someone who should have known better
I had almost two years-worth of friends reunited emails ignored
I've had hardly any of the renovations done on my house I ordered
My best friend's now installed 5000 miles away indefinitely
Ken Livingstone's turned London into a fair copy of communist Russia (for those unfamiliar, he has: Charged £5 to drive into central London, soon to be extended. Refused to widen the busiest road in London, the North Circular, raised bus prices from 70p to £1.20 next year, raised tube prices, invited over and praised Islamic militants, and fought with any council that dares to use its independence to undo any road restrictions by withholding funds.

These are just the ones I remember, any more will be added as they come to me. Is this the same crap as everyone gets, or is it really the pits here?

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anti said...

Hi mate.
That bit about Wenger, do you have any photos, or stories and the like. I'd be interested given the nature of my blog.

One more thing, use the comments hack, it would encourage more reader participation.

Email me or whatever, dhould you need assistance with the hack.