Friday, November 12, 2004

Famous friends?

Having just got back in touch with someone I knew in the 70s (mainly through his older sister) I wondered if anyone else reading knew anyone growing up who later became famous? This was Toby Young, the journalist who has just broken into acting by playing himself in his autobiographical play after the previous actor dropped out.
I also went to school with the writer Will Self, who was the year below me, and stood head and shoulders above the 8 year olds in assembly, even then being taller than many of the teachers! He lived in the next road to me and I went there a couple of times, and it's great when I see him now on TV thinking of him when he was at school!

Otherwise, one school I went to had the children of many actors and celebs including two of the Beatle's children, but actually none (even with the helping hand of their relatives) except Rex Harrison's grandchildren went on to follow their parents in acting. If anyone reading knew anyone who became famous, please put it in the comment box.

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