Thursday, November 11, 2004

Filling space

Surprisingly, I've had little happening this week, and had to find yet more ways to amuse myself (pretty hard after spending much of the last 44 years doing so). Perils of being an only child really, teaches you how to make a little playground around you wherever you are, like doing this for instance.

Well, having reached Thursday night, a mass of trivial events have been created, from taking another video, phoning David Prever on LBC for the second time and not getting on, actually intending to complain about being an only child as I just did here. I also found a very nice Italian cafe which is hidden in a massive park and sports complex which I'll be visiting regularly in future. The good news is I've found my travelling mechanic is now doing building, so hopefully my kitchen is about to be replaced with a new one. Then my neighbour told me I can do my front garden with a strimmer, and had a spare one. It's 90% better in less than an hour! Otherwise I have started blitzing (selectively to begin with) newspapers with excerpts from my blog, and if I even get a rejection reply I'll be amazed. But I'm ready for a long haul but determined to get this writing business off the ground. I've also begun two more professional articles which will end up somewhere.

I've found a few friends this week with home or work net access, and maybe they'll soon turn up here or on Funtrivia. No one I know in 4 years has ever joined! And I thought it was addictive, well it is to the members, but it must take more than a computer to get hooked in. Well, I just thought I'd summarise this week so far, not bad but nothing clever. Just the north side of boring, compared to many just south previous to this.

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