Monday, November 29, 2004

What is a master?

This is a quote from Nick Roach's site, and since I found in writing my 100 things that the only 2 people who understand things as well as me that I've found are my own two masters, Maharaji and Nick Roach, does that mean there could be something about me that's singled me out for that path?

Nick is enlightened (following another point on my list 'If that's possible') as until I can experience it I can't be sure. Maharaji dislikes the concept, instead preferring spiritual experiences, which he does have, and I know are real. His mastery is both as being one of only two people who can teach 'Knowledge', his line's method of meditation, along with his brother in India, and regular lectures (about 300 a year) on life, which is how I know of the level of understanding. He makes every problem look trivial the way he puts it, and can really seem to be just speaking to you as he knows life so well.

Nick Roach is head and shoulders above every enlightened master, as all the others either blur the message using religious jargon (OK, mainly the Indian ones) but they did write most of the first literature taken to the west in the 1940s, or only know parts of the picture and though quite probably enlightened, haven't got enough understanding to teach it, and only convey part of the picture.

Nick spent much of the hour answering questions at random, and clearly (at the age of 31) understood each situation (though most hadn't been within his own experience) and gave similar advice on parenting and phobias as I do as a therapist. He is a qualified nurse, but there are plenty of others who don't have his level of understanding as a result of it.

So my question is, if someone has a known ability they can demonstrate to others, and then finds that this is really only shared by masters, is this a sign they are in the same mould?

I'd be happier to be enlightened and not too bothered whether I taught or not, especially as I find very few people interested in it anyway, and far better nowadays to put all my efforts into my own path. But masters tend to be appointed by others, and have found most of my life people told me their problems, somehow knowing I could help. And though I'm not enlightened, I know I wouldn't have too much trouble sharing Nick's lectures as I believe everything he says is right, and would probably answer the questions in a similar way, except not being able to describe my own enlightenment journey of course. Maybe this is my first lesson!

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