Friday, November 12, 2004

Friends (not) reunited

Why oh why oh why...

Do people bother to join friends reunited if they don't bother to reply to old friends? I have decided to start a name and shame, and recommend everyone to add their own, to show up the people who did not reply to their emails.
Now I have manners, and I reply to every email I get from anyone I know, whatever I thought of them 30 years ago, if they have gone to the trouble to contact me. But even if I was a bit of a basket at school, who wasn't? Anyway, the odds of these guys reading their own names are the same as shooting a chosen victim in the crowd at Old Trafford, but if their friends or family see it, please tell them to come in and have a look, and leave a comment. I always say all apologies are accepted, and it'll get them off the list as well!

Anita McNaught
Jill Desborough (Brookland primary)
David Frean (Brookland primary)
Linda Adelson
Pauline Jamieson
Peter Joseph
Suzanne Abel
Simon Harrison (King Alfred)
Mafalda Spencer
Debby Sharp (Brookland primary)
Colette Tanner
Wendy Martyn
Amanda Harman-Smith
Charmaine Bradford (Brookland primary)

There were a lot more, but these were a particular disappointment.

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