Sunday, November 07, 2004

More news

I can continue the story on Kendall here. It has reached a new level, but the part I hadn't said, which is the sole cause of the delay is she lives in America. That in itself makes life much harder than it would be, but the killer is the incredible restrictions on UK entry from there, who are supposed to be our closest allies. Any third world illegals can creep in the tunnel under cover of darkness and get 5 years grace before they may stand a chance of deportation. I know of an American who dared to stay with a friend she hadn't met before and was deported after 3 weeks. This proves the British are quite capable of regulating immigration, but choose to allow people from undeveloped nations over those from Western ones similar to our own. This implies an agenda, and the only one I can imagine is the majority of poor and third world people are more likely to vote Labour, and so once given citizenship will give the current government a better chance of returning to power. Secondly they are prepared to work on the black market, thus saving employers sticking to the minimum wage and keeping the economy going without having to pay much for it.

Having never needed to know this before, any conspiracy theories I've heard before saying the governments will do anything to stay in and socially engineer the world to that end are now becoming incredibly real, and now personal as well. Back to me, it's currently planned to meet Kendall here in the second half of 2005, and due to my own inhibitions will find it hard to get over there first on my own. Though I have travelled, I often found I missed being home a lot, and though it was fascinating to see everywhere, the effort often involved, combined with the disasters that did happen thousands of miles from home shone rather a negative light over distant travel afterwards. The day trip was one way round it, and after a few to France and Belgium, if I can get up in time to drive the hour or more to an airport and catch a plane in time to get back the same day, have a list of other places I can do a day trip to, as I very much want to keep going abroad somehow. Other holidays have failed to materialise simply because I ran out of people to go with, and felt if I went abroad for a week would end up looking round shops, reading and going on public transport which I can just as easily do at home. I couldn't watch TV or listen to the radio as it would all be 'in foreign' and if go alone would have no one to talk to all day. I haven't missed anything as the time I had free where I may have gone on holiday has been used for many other things, and plenty of day trips by car, mainly to the south coast, and many scattered football grounds that take all day to get to and home from. And since I've had my own house the garden could become a full time job in itself if I could be bothered, not to mention the rest of the house. The cleaner stops the fungus from taking over, but general tidying, filing and other housework is enough to fill enough of my spare time when I'm in. Of course (and I know who's reading this) it would be very nice having a woman to share all the jobs and the spare time as well!

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Kendall said...

Hello David,

Reading your latest post made me beam with happiness. I can't wait until we meet!

Bye for now, but not forever!