Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Am I wasting my life?

Here I am again, things are what I would call typical, although besides being on another treatment for earache which has improved today, I actually have few obligations lined up at the moment. That I know of anyway. Tomorrow is my day off, although there are accounts to do here at my leisure, ie when I have the time, so once I've been out if it's dry will probably get on with sorting all the receipts for over a year for a random inspection. Again. I know why they do it but can really do without the work even though I get paid for it it's boring and not worth the few pounds I get.
Looking back there's literally nothing worth reporting besides a few photos of nice gardens on my block (this estate actually has proper blocks like America) and was working much of the afternoon on said accounts mainly. The annual lot seem virtually sorted out after explaining our program to the accountant who agreed they have labelled everything with the wrong headings. Not an accounting convention, just a bunch of wank, as they say in Kingsbury.

Last night they were talking about coincidences on the radio so I called in and asked if anyone had seen The Secret, not a squeak. Then the next presenter came on and said he'd planned to talk about coincidences as well before the other one did. And no one called him either. But they are real. I know that much. But sooner or later out of the millions I can't be the only person who wants to investigate it further. I am looking for even one discussion forum on it, and the few I started have screamed to a halt. Such an alleged big deal should have a little more reaction and interest than it has, besides fucking enormous sales and profit figures for the participants. Is that really all it is about, as the critics say? This is the best all or nothing example I have seen, and fairly easily testable compared to most.

Otherwise each day passes with more or less activity, amazingly despite intermittent health problems I've got my chores done, they were just a lot harder than they would have been. Just like my 97 year old grandma, although I now do a lot less, every little job can feel like an achievement. But looking back the main thing I see is they were done. I hadn't taken my albums anywhere else yet but no rush for that, and the pictures I've taken are adding to the next one anyway. In a way besides knowing where to look I've gone to the trouble of driving around for ages taking them, although if you were given a map you could probably polish most of them off in a week. And spend a packet on a good camera as well. I've technically finished my list now, and am finally looking around gardens just in case I see any more nice ones like today. But I've done every decent road within 5 miles of Kingsbury and although I can go to Bushey eventually it isn't that great really. Plus half my relatives are there after they died. It has two associations for me, years of horse riding and the cemetery. We used to go shopping there as well and bought a car in the big Honda garage as well. The health food shop owner also gave me piano lessons for a while. When in doubt trawl past memories.

Beyond that lies Hatch End which has a few possibilities, and used to be one of my shops of choice when I lived near there as it was quiet and easy to park. Pinner has already had all the best photos done on film as we had a friend there years ago. The Northwood and Ruislip which really aren't that photogenic and not worth the trip. In all other directions are run down dumps, Kilburn, Hornsey, and the other way miles of faceless suburbs like Southgate and Palmers Green which are like the dark side in comparison to where I usually go. One day when I get a contact in TV I'll get a documentary walking the London suburbs making my usual comments on how many testicles would buy a house in Hampstead Garden Suburb or how many gangsters live in a street in Stanmore. You can also tell the areas to avoid by the taxi quotient or TQ. When I lived in Canons Park it was about 1 in 10, second only to Ilford and besides one friend who is far from typical all the ones who call the radio are total stereotypes, frustrated professors and politicians. OK, it takes a mechanical memory to pass the knowledge but it's the easiest actual job on earth once you pass, high fares and hours by choice. What could be better? I refused to take my law finals as I knew what the job involved and didn't see the point in qualifying to do a job I couldn't stand. I tried a few other courses and ended up with one not recognised by the state so basically bloody useless. Very helpful to the clients but not one to make a living in.

Besides taxi driving writing articles from home is another well paid holiday, and if I can screw the right person I may one day become published. Actually if I could screw anyone it would be quite nice. Especially if female, and human. Any considered. Time is running out and I can't be too choosy...

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