Saturday, April 14, 2007

Back again, again

I see it's been a while. Probably a good sign as it means I was busy and didn't have time to write here, but also there wasn't much to write. Planning has been good, and each week for the last few has been closer to how I planned it than the last. The good news being there was enough each day to fill it usefully. Besides a little work on Wednesday and doing my mum's garden today it's been photos every day. I worked my way through each flickr group, and have done buses and gardens after the stations last time. And I'm pleased with the results. Other than that I've hardly done a thing but haven't really noticed.

I have also started this year's gardening, done in record time for a change, possibly as I did more last year so wasn't overgrown. But it has been pretty quiet but reasonably tolerable. Only the anticlimax of the empty house at night which rather than get used to becomes like the Chinese water torture and wears me down gradually. So having reported a whole week's activity what do I do to fill the remaining space?

Outer stories dry up like an ancient vagina. All these portents of changes and developments actually leave us with a world just as it was before but more boring. Global warming would liven things up if it happened, the TV coverage of floods and the like would be like New Orleans and the tsunami all the time and the companies would double the viewers. That's why it's still snowing across half the USA this week and I think they'd enjoy it as much as we would here in England. If only. I've forgotten all the other distant predictions as they never happened, and even the stupid internet TV programme I was in hasn't been on a month after unofficially scheduled. Big news is rarer than people realise as most they see is possible, never happened and then forgotten about. War in Iraq was not news, it was a waste of our money and didn't affect us here one bit besides raising our taxes to pay for it. Terrorism is not news, it's the lowest of the low behaving like savages and no relevance to life or society, just scum. The biggest news of 2007 has been the release of the TX4 London cab, the first new car to go on the road in the UK with an older style than the previous (unlike Japan who had loads). I called the radio twice about it and also got to talk about Funtrivia and other transport related stuff which brought in many more enthusiasts.

I have also now got two friends on Funtrivia after 7 years, though neither have posted anything yet. I have no plans now. Tomorrow will be the live online quiz if awake, and that's it until I go to the gym. No photos as I took every one on my list this week. If it's as nice as they predict I may go out on my bike again. The car wash was finally working the 4th time of trying, so it now almost looks like new. Socially it's been dead besides 2 clients (OK, shouldn't count) and talking to the woman next door while doing the garden, but I was too busy to notice. Well, I mustn't look ahead as I'm not there yet so will stop that now, and if this blog has become boring then try being here. I'm not complaining now as it wasn't too bad, but certainly not worth reporting, but I'm all out of fantasy now and also run out of poo jokes. Took me 47 years but it happened. That's showbiz...

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