Sunday, April 08, 2007

Gone rather quiet

A busy week taking photos, filing and little else besides a couple of hours doing my mum's garden. But looking back there's sod all now and ahead unless I think of things when the time comes. But you can run out with no work and precious few friends. A real challenge.
Otherwise my life and mind are blank. I see a hard core of regular visitors here so at least I'm not writing for nothing. Knowing how little I had to report was also a challenge and as I've written every variation on philosophy and bodily functions here, plus plenty of nostalgia there's not a lot left in the system.
So many authors and composers say they are apparently taken over when writing, Jung and Freud would say it was a blockage from the creative subconscious but I'm not so sure, especially with talents and information beyond their own. This should happen to me now, I'm open to it and in the past I've put together some pretty good ideas straight off with no planning that only formed as I wrote them.

One question is how long, if at all, will it take for the majority to realise global warming is created to steal our money and not a realistic issue. The evidence is overwhelming but the press on regardless as most people don't believe the authorities capable of such a con. I wish. Even the first line of attack fails as many scientists say the temperatures aren't rising at all. If experts can disagree even on this I'd give up already but no. And if it was, a) I'd say it's a good thing (saving energy and hypothermia) and b) we couldn't do a thing to stop it. End of. Just a little climate variation at a faster than average pace. Big fucking deal. They blew it up to look like the martians were coming and without the slightest criticism the majority of people accepted the figures all based on things happening in 2080. I am reaching a level of major authority after collecting as many links and statistics that even if a fraction are true means the whole thing is made up. The TV programme said most of it and may have won a few over but the momentum appears to carry on. If it wasn't an excuse to steal more of our money (obtaining money by deception is theft) I couldn't care less how scared people were based on absolutely nothing but that's why they made it up in the first place. For any doubters just remembered how they arranged attacking Iraq which cost us all so much they need a reason to rob us to get it back.

So there's one paragraph I'd need many years to prove and would rather in a way was true as Britain would do very well from global warming, although they'd still pretend it was our fault and tax the world to poverty. If it wasn't for that detail it would be easier to believe but it's only a very effective way to take our money.

The other minor issue that may or may not be a fairy story is the new DVD The Secret I recently watched. That's a simple answer. Try it and see if it works. If it does there's no need to understand why. The first example I see working (remember, it works for all thoughts, good, bad and indifferent, is I predicted last week an unknown American would win the Master's golf and Zach Johnson is just about to in 10 minutes or so. Boring and predictable, but if the universe is in me then only I make it all happen, but that's a different DVD. But either way it's all I can experience and it's become extremely boring at the moment every way I look. But for how long?

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