Sunday, April 29, 2007

Saturday's ramblings

Back again. The tail end of my photos, and at least the work waited till I hadn't any left to take. I took a few gardens and that was more or less it, but the work was clearly more important. Other than that I've had nothing new I can think of, but had to come here for a reason that's not clear yet. I am still waiting to see a woman at the gym about the little issue I mentioned earlier, it could take days or weeks, I never know. My only real project is my photo albums, and I've had no time to promote them yet. I have a new radio quiz since last week so have been phoning that a couple of times, and asked someone I know to call in tonight with the answer to my question as he was the one who gave it to me. I hope he does.

Besides a few standard appointments and pointless social arrangements I have no real plans ahead either, and to cover that and the lack of new photos it's time to clear out the house next. No trouble doing that, and if I get far enough will get a van to remove all the junk at the end of it. I also have the regular accounts to do but that's hardly worth mentioning. Although the last month or so has been fairly reasonable it hasn't gone above the level of average, now in my case that's a great improvement, but I know the highs I'm missing, and these are not up to me to create. They come at random and like anything else seem to be in phases implying the law of attraction does work. Having finally found a discussion on it, with many doubts and criticisms, it just means that if it works we do it all the time anyway, and may as well be in control than let it unfold like a sewage flow. Nothing immoral in that. We can be immoral with or without extra power and it's no different to who we are now if we are given that power, just part of human evolution.

Meanwhile it's been the hottest April on record, equals global warming. Except every time we have warm weather it's global warming, every time it's cold it's an isolated event. Many inches of isolated events fell on the USA last month and no one seems to have mentioned the heavy snow there which easily wipes out any sun in England over the same period. Every pro global warming policy is financial and designed to restrict everyone's lives and freedom. Just the same as anti terrorism laws. David Icke got it right and the few of us who can see through it all need to do only that and convert the sheep one by one. We can't do it any other way. To the people who do see through it it's as obvious as it is to me, but the rest believe the propoganda as if it makes sense, which none of it does. I have assembled all the possible data I can, as did the recent TV programme, that will have to stand on its own and hope one by one people see the sense and rebel against the powers trying to rob us in the name of saving a planet in absolutely no danger. CO2, especially in the tiny quantities we produce (less than 1% of the total) is reabsorbed by nature, the sea and trees. Always has, always will. Self regulating. Do you know how much more CO2 a major volcano emits than humanity? A hell of a lot more. All we need to know. Carbon emissions are irrelevant and rising temperatures are 50% of every day on earth, the other 50% being falling. Up, down and up again, for eternity.

And they think by not driving our cars on a Tuesday the world will be saved. From what? I have to repeat the same message over and over again, one by one people get the point. Meanwhile 800,000 people are due to be added to London in the next few years (10%). That is official, from the mayor. That is the real problem facing the world, global overpopulation. The resources will go a lot further if the population did not increase, rising temperatures as predicted can only help by saving energy usage. Simple childish logic.

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