Friday, April 20, 2007

Any progress?

What the hell I need to write here to get things going again is probably non existent. I could write the equivalent of a best selling novel and still get the same 9 hard core readers (please don't desert me as well) and wonder if people have stopped reading and writing blogs what has replaced it. Don't ask me. I still do my photo site but don't stop things I was doing before. Anyway. It's only just gone Friday but I may as well look back at the week so far, little else to do. Nice weather, went to Hampstead, Willesden and Dollis Hill (as a result of the previous Willesden visit being diverted to avoid traffic) and I went back today and saw if you look either side of Dollis Hill Avenue you can see north and south of London to both borders. I got a picture of each though ought to use a new memory card to get high definition.

I even started the housework today, emptied some rubbish, washed up and did some washing, which flooded the kitchen as the 30 year old outlet had split. I cut off a few inches and hopefully the remainder is now watertight again. I didn't make one phone call today but should tomorrow, some people have really been left behind and I should do something about it. The weekly trip to my mum has photos each time when it's light, and I have a couple of ideas though of course the new places and angles have virtually run out after so long.
Otherwise I seem to have used up every attempt to analyse and improve life directly or indirectly. This malarkey about attracting what you think about is either true or not and that's as simple as that. Just see if anyone bothers to try it after seeing the DVD. These groups of spiritual pursuits inspire but rarely seem to do more. I did get a massive 3rd eye dream after a Sai Baba service as well as some more clairvoyance, and I did go a few times before the constant repetition became too much to bother. If I had no alternative methods I would have carried on more but it's not the only one by any means.

My lack of major plans is more realistic than before as even when I did, besides keeping me busy didn't often produce any results. Things do seem to just happen when the time is ready or not at all. If there are entities in other dimensions able to see and hear us and influence our lives invisibly I wonder why, with all this power, they'd piss around like children with ant's nests and magnifying glasses. If they can help for christ's sake do something helpful. And more than cancelling the odd nasty arrangement at the last minute. Something of a profit. The fact a few people I know claim to be in contact with these guys yet are unable to transfer their channeling to other people leaves me a bit skeptical. Despite now having three people channel the same information, two through Sasha despite having no knowledge of the other, keeps me looking, but although they give me (meaningless) messages indirectly they seem to be unable or unwilling to contact me directly though they say I need a professional hypnotic regression to do it. My arse, I don't even know anyone else let alone anyone who does it free like I do. Something like that would open up what seems like being buried alive and would be my open door to something better. All these projects start well but never get any further. A few need money to build equipment and the rest just fizzle out.

The people who say I think too deeply miss the point. There's sod all else to do and if I can think that deeply it's a waste not to, many people couldn't if you trained them for years. It's like telling Picasso not to paint so well. I know I can't do lateral thinking well but then again doubt you can get anywhere any quicker when you can. It's like trying to play in two keys at the same time and I do clarity. I don't know if anyone can combine direct and indirect thought or you must stick to one or the other. When I get stuck I ask other people and believe me, when I'm stumped almost everyone else is even more. And the few who seem to know offer methods that appear to have no effect either. Well it's late again so I'd better go to bed before I get hooked again, tell your friends about blogspot as we need more active members although it's still apparently impossible to search for blogs now. Maybe they want it to die?

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