Saturday, January 10, 2009

Seeing the truth

I have a little gap in the day like a vagina, but nowhere near as useful. So the blog has its uses while I wait in for the cleaner and then it becomes too dark to do anything else than stay indoors. My sign photography has now almost completed, unless I both find and take a set even further out in Sydenham plus two more in Dulwich on the way. It's like the Falklands. If you had to fly the same distance to Singapore it would take 20 hours or so, but the route there is a few times longer. I can travel in two directions the same distance to Sydenham in half an hour on some roads, but an hour is the minimum there with little or no holdups, and I can't do it in the week as it costs £8 to cross the bridge.

I have one trip left this weekend in Surrey at least so should provide a couple more and two newspapers are interested in the story which may finally lead to somewhere saving some for the future from removal. The book hasn't arrived though which is odd although I think they are now sent from abroad. Both newspapers have been back to me and there are many hurdles to cross before an article gets published as I well know. Until then I have been updating my sites and replying to messages.

Anyone who now still believes in global warming can see the files of data I have collected over 8 years that both provide alternative data to the predictions and lies they quote, and evidence of such a scam it makes the Nigerians look like amateurs (which of course they are as what they do only looks genuine to people with double-digit IQs). The faint whiff of fish when I first heard man blamed for something clearly not actually happening but not possible has now been traced to a huge pile of rotting marine life, with Al Gore on the top. When people in authority are caught lying (as he was 17 times in a British court) imagine the ones behind them? This is a single bulb in the earth with a forest of trees growing from it, all leading back to a single source, the lie there is/will be global warming and it's our CO2 emissions that are causing it. Now I am satisfied 100% it's as honest and caring as Hamas I hope this will filter through the greater population until enough people realise it was a false alarm and the authorities have to find a new way to extract our cash by false means. People may resent income tax, but carbon taxes? That's puppies and kittens tax until you find there are none, but like the pervert promising to show you them only a dirty old man holding his raincoat open. Probably called Al.

So, the world is a crooked place. Only the minority though. How many people run the world? A handful. They then pay others on the edge to turn nasty and keep it all going until it's spotted and then start again. One thing about this one, like the credit (actually it's debt) crunch, once people get wise to global warming then it'll be near impossible to catch them again for decades. It has to happen as truth is 3D and lies carry no substance. The time it takes to get through the twisted BS provided by IPCC, NASA and all the agencies creating the illusion has taken this long for me, with all the time and resources I have, and needs to now get through to the unknowers and believers until they know what I do. That may take some time but has to happen as the information is here now.

In my own life all is potential. Besides collecting about 50 old sign photos, I have nothing. No women, precious few available friends, and hardly any business. I am so far managing to keep occupied, and by the time I've done the next Surrey trip news may arrive from the papers. That will add thousands of times the weight to the campaign and then work getting it picked up by a national should any local decide to print. I expect I'll have to go to Sydenham sooner or later, but have done before so can manage it again. When I think of getting the train to Blackheath for my first girlfriend how things change when you're older and more tired, and transport costs price you out of the market. But at least I have plans for the spring, Oxford and if that goes well then Brighton. The ultimate aim for some time was Dublin, and hopefully that may happen like my last one did in 1998 when I went to Brussels for the day. I wanted to add my first new country since 1980 and that and Ireland were the easiest. I know it's really meaningless as countries are arbitrary, and although you can visit four in an afternoon around Switzerland I toured the USA for three weeks and only covered two including Canada. Had that been in Europe I'd have made about ten. But the countries I've visited map only registers the borders and my afternoon in Niagara falls coloured a vast patch while three to Israel only a small red gash (no comments please).

So I start with a fanny reference and a good place to end with another. It's the only fanny around me at the moment anyway.

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