Monday, January 05, 2009

January 2009 part 1

Whatever else I am keeping busy. A month collecting old road signs, the book should arrive this week and then see if I can sell any. And more possible work in the pipeline for the next entry. There are no more actual signs now within convenient distance besides one vague reference in Surrey. I have two video requests to film next but need to fix the camera first. Besides that I still need to trust the world to keep providing activity as it has till now.

Otherwise it's just whatever else is happening as usual. More holes shot in the false facade of global warming with doubtless more to come. Look up Christopher Booker for the latest summary. With the media on their side/in their pocket those in charge need not worry until they give equal coverage of the true data as the waffle. Until the truth is forced out by constant reminders and repetition people just assume it's carrying on as normal. Well it's only carrying on inasmuch as it was a lie at the beginning and still is. That's all we need to know. Saying polar bears are dying off is a lie, saying the sea ice is melting is a lie unless balanced by freezing, as it does both. They had to admit average temperature is not rising but blame El Nina. Whatever the reason there's no warming, end of. Excuses why it's not warming is like discussing why my auntie hasn't any bollocks. She is a woman, women don't have bollocks, simple. So why they need to string out the fact the temperature stabilised in 1998 and fell in 2008 is like doing what I just did. They don't need to.

I will be phoning another female friend who rejected me soon through lack of other alternatives. Unless she's both changed her mind (they don't outside cliches unfortunately) and then developed a sex drive (apparently missing) the call may just revive a friendship to fill a different gap, but she really needs a good seeing to, and by me not some other bugger. As I refuse to pay, I have the prospect of never getting any again since my last regular supply found one closer to home. I was always after better but so was she so no conflict there. There are none left from the past who I dumped for aesthetic reasons I can call up now. One was married, many have been recalled till they moved on and the remaining few are so peculiar the price is too high to pay. I accept this as it's too complex to try and arrange a decent outcome. Again, the price in terms of effort, travelling, time and endless phone calls plus the initial dates (I'm nearly 50, please, first dates are for younger people) mean I'd rather do what comes naturally and easily and if women turn up there (they can anywhere) that'll provide the next supply.

The rest remains fantasy. I need an eye test, my night vision suggests another £300 may well need spending after the next result for two pairs, not counting sunglasses. Haircut as well and all the usual shit I barely notice now unless it goes badly wrong. I have an old sign still from a 2002 video coming but way in the background so the image I get from it may be illegible. Not much known ahead now as there are no photo trips known besides a loose sign in Sudbury I passed as in a rush, and the rest will be known when I get there. And that should leave more time to meditate which went a bit by the wayside as well recently.

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