Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Half way there

Busy week already, and I am finding new road signs randomly after collecting all the officially known ones. Pretty good considering. I'm searching roads via the map and colouring each road I've checked, and yesterday I covered my first check and found one within a few miles relatively round the corner. One more for tomorrow.
My books arrived at last yesterday and besides a couple of blurry images which were fine on the prints looked pretty good. I'll see if anyone is interested in it now just in case as it is certainly original and took hours a day finding each one.

Sadly zero from either newspaper. How two reporters in as many days picked it up only for their editors to turn them down can only tell me someone has threatened to react adversely if it is published. I know from the numerous websites the widespread level of interest generated for old signs and the papers must know this as well. Why there would be anyone concerned with repressing efforts to now keep them beats me but whoever is taking them away clearly has some reason only known to them. But at least I'm keeping busy and any publicity not done for me by the papers will be by my own hand. Work? Surely spending time publicising causes and myself at the same time is work of sorts as it does good and raises my own profile at the same time. No money changes hands but once it does the first time will become a profession rather than a hobby.

My current policy of planning no more than a day ahead still works so I can't say any more in that way, and meanwhile no other emails have produced any sensible replies besides Transport for London who started off a very useful policy statement I can quote in future correspondence. Tomorrow is free so it's my Queens Park trip just to check the roads for signs and maybe one day a media project will actually produce a result. One road sign kept by law would do really, but the law may not even exist, I have yet to find that out. Few if any more ideas but they will come when I need them.


Anonymous said...

Um. As a woman, I can see no point in photographing road signs. I mean! Who cares?

David said...

No problem at all, you began by explaining you are a woman. As a rule women are not born with a collecting gene so have no interest in either completing lists or competitive activities.

You can't explain collecting to a non-collector, it's either in you or not.