Wednesday, January 28, 2009

War has been declared, on every sane person

I now have discovered (in the professional sense) global warming has turned from a religion (based on faith, no proof and total conviction to the cause) to a collective delusion. If the benefit of any plan is outweighed by the cost it's dismissed. So when our government today propose serving less meat in hospitals, and asking patients not to travel to the doctors but consult by phone 'to combat climate change' the border had been crossed. There's nothing now they can't make us suffer for the god of cold (they see warming as the devil you see) so limiting the number of children and pets, car use on alternate days, and maybe even banning blood transfusions will all be possible in the name of the new new testament, the book of warming. Mass hysteria has been around since the beginning of time, and with mass media and the internet can spread faster and infect more than ever before, and has now hopefully reached its peak.

How this nonsense can go any further would literally require more than 50% of the world to lose its mind as anyone who seriously believes these two moves, plus the Australian appeal to its citizens currently enjoying 100' temperatures (due to global warming of course) not to use the AC to stop climate change. My friend who is over 60 and has a heart condition says if he and many of his friends were to follow this advice they could easily die. Cost-benefit analysis. That never changes, neither does common sense. The nutcases and liars have gone too far now and crossed the line where they are attacking the very people they are trying to protect. War on commonsense has now been declared and every one of us who still have it must fight back with the voice of sanity and reason or it will get worse and worse.


Anonymous said...

Excellent statement. Global Warming is a socialist plot to have a fully socialist world that will then be able to manipulate people further by saying that because there is a global fresh water shortage, or that man made energy has polluted the world etc and anything else they can come up with to control what people make, buy and use. Then because these manipulators will then be able to say hey there is just too many people, look we have 8 billion people (yes I know at the moment is is about 7 billion but I am look at ten years from now) the manipulators who do not like war will start finding ways to limit and reduce the world population by man made diseases and sterilisation programmes. Only a select few people will be able to have children to keep the population going. Global warming is the start of population control as the mas hysteria is proving to socialist leaders how easy it can be done.

David said...

Yes, that unfortunately is more or less the picture. Working in psychology I have seen all the signs of mass brainwashing and delusional behaviour but it seems there aren't enough people currently immune to it for them to carry on, until the truth finally makes it to the proper outlets which it has to when the temperatures simply don't increase.