Thursday, January 29, 2009

Has life gone downhill?

As someone just asked this on a forum, here is my reply:

Congestion charges, residents parking, the phantom (ie illusion) of global warming that's robbing us all dry, illegal immigrants running crime rings, suburban houses being demolished for soviet style blocks, Gordon Brown saying he couldn't see the recession coming, terrorism law allowing police to stop people with cameras, UK degrees being given to anyone who can write their name, wind farms, electric cars that take hours to charge when you run out parked in Tescos, bankers getting bonuses for wasting our money, Israel being criticised worldwide for trying to stop their citizens being fired on for 8 months, miles of rows of Victorian houses across the country which turn out on closer inspection to be newly built, cars which look like they've all been sat on by an elephant, Russell Brand, holocaust deniers, Al Gore, no Test cricket on TV...

any more?

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