Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back to zero

It seems no start has finished, a poor record even for me. Neither newspaper came back to me, maybe they've been busier writing about Barack Obama like all the others (no, I've checked), they gain an interest and lose it quicker than a 14 year old girl at a disco. It's the editor's fault rather than the reporters as they make the decision, but they are total arseholes for wasting everyone's time and then deciding it's not as interesting as they thought it would be. I have one official proposal to restore old signs going to a council meeting this time next week, which is a new start, so at least have the interest of the organization who are proposing it for me.

Last week managed to uncover two old signs in the same place, although I went on Tuesday and missed the second although on the same roundabout, and returned a few days later and found the second one. More have turned up the other side of London, up to about 4 definites now so needs another trip. But until then as it needs a weekend to avoid paying to drive there I am lost. Although I'm free for a few days there are no more plans than a tedious online course I've been saving for a time like this. Nothing else really needs doing and will have to trust tomorrow will turn something up like every day has for weeks, although I don't have a single idea left now. No more photo trips left, a voucher to spend at Marks & Spencer, which I expect will cover some of tomorrow and that's the lot.

I am working my way through the phone calls very slowly, and the TV producer says she'll contact the people that need contacting now, which is a first. Finally if anyone wants to know what I can do after 6 years at the gym try and lift a 27.5 kg dumbell. I managed eight lifts for the first time in each hand yesterday with no trouble at all. I'll be going for 30 next. If you can get to a gym and try and pick one up you'll know what 6 years work can do.

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