Saturday, January 31, 2009

They are taking over

Yes, the world's finally reached the stage where had it been a person a certificate would have been issued and besides medication being prescribed committal to a secure institution would be inevitable. I now hear on the radio there is something called a 'Carbon management industry'.

As well as politically motivated groups (ones Americans called 'Pinkos and Commies' not so long ago) there is now an official industry created to do the modern equivalent of spinning corn into gold. The line that was crossed when the UK government pledged to reduce healthcare to save carbon emissions, there is now money being thrown at technology to 'Manage carbon' Few people go further than this. Now firstly nature requires CO2 to live, we do, plants do, and the amount is negligible. Man is responsible for 0.2-0.3% of all on earth. It's all a few hundred ppm of the atmosphere. It's been thousands before industry but they don't want us to know that. Anyway, bearing in mind the essential function CO2 has to all life on earth, they want to manage it to try and beat nature in maintaining levels they believe are good.

So one shmock just poured millions of tons of iron filings into the sea. Others want to pump suplhur (remember acid rain?) into the air. Is the asylum comparison looking relevant now? These people would belong there but for one thing. They are being paid to do this. That is not their madness, they are taking advantage of the mad who pay them to stop the tide like King Canute proved was not possible all those years ago. I am spreading the only antidote there is, the truth, until one by one people realise CO2 is irrelevant to our lives unless it starts to reduce to amounts where everything begins to die. Then we'll have problems. Till that happens this industry is a malicious insult to every man and woman and plant and animal on earth and robbing us all.


Anonymous said...

An interesting thing is that at this very moment Alaska's Mount Redoubt volcano could erupt as there is lots of activity going on, see wwww. for latest news. When this does explode THIS week it will send so much ash into the northern atmosphere that temperatures will go down, already Northern USA and Europe is having coldest winter for 13 or more years. So will the global warming taxation departments ignore this NATURAL event and say average temperatures are still HIGH or will they accept the COOLING as such and NOT charge their stupid taxations. Also the iron fillings in the sea is so flawed that it will have NO impact. These doomsayers are ignoring the THREE natural correlated cycles of the Sun and the Earth which is KNOWN to affect our weather.

David said...

It seems like the bible with people being sorted into sheep and goats, and the number of gullible morons out there has even surprised me. If you scratch the surface of any claim before accepting it you can find the truth very easily, especially with the internet to do it for you. You've provided half the latest information for me and how anyone can dismiss it now shows what stupid twats many people actually are.
One mind has to be changed at a time until there are enough on the right side.