Monday, January 26, 2009

Why lies will always win

Firstly today's observation. I have had to conclude the average IQ means most people are so bloody thick they will believe absolutely everything those in authority tell them with no questioning or checking for themselves. And Gordon Brown is either stupid or a crook as he saud he couldn't see the recession coming. If he's telling the truth he's too bloody thick to be running a chain of public conveniences, and if not then he's a liar as well as useless. Who wants either running their country?

And the public who blindly accept the story of global warming depsite Al Gore being shown up to be one of the slimiest crooks since Robert Maxwell and Rupert Murdoch (in my opinion there as he's still alive...) and all the actual evidence being enough to convict the tellers of the story rather than the public for causing it. The nasty intelligent people know enough morons can fall for their crap,bigger and bigger lies over time, and make them religiously follow anything where the data comes from outside agencies rather than directly observable. What a fucking fiasco...

Well (and change colour) back to my life. Besides another birthday this week (shows I am a survivor if nothing else) I found another London borough with plenty of old signs, although the similar neighbour just decided in November to get rid of theirs and only found two left when I got to them. When I'm not collecting something I'm lost and aimless (sex counts as well mind you) and anything rare and historical get my interest unlike most women I've come across who like the last one can't see why we do it. Maybe because we can't have babies to absorb all our attention? Who knows.
So I got 6 more new photos yesterday, and not sure what else lies ahead but know I've cracked the big one as Lewisham is the equivalent to getting to The Falklands from this side of London and dual carriageways stop at the Thames. Even the main roads stop every mile or so and go into a one way system in shopping centre, like everywhere else did in the 60s. I suppose that design lends itself to keeping the corresponding signs of the era so can't really complain, but it was a predictable journey from hell.

Few plans left now, one known trip in the week and people over for my annual birthday visit at the weekend and the rest will happen as it does. I also can't understand either of the newspapers who treated my sign story the way Charles treated Diana. ie on and off. I hope the editor's wives treat them the same way now so they can be on the receiving end. Luckily my efforts do not stop and if I don't get newspapers to raise the profile I still raise it myself directly for those in power prepared to listen. Few people seem to want to do a job like this fully. When I found the old train tickets were being abolished I went all over the UK to get them, and on a small scale the same with the signs. I also found a company to print the old tickets and got Vauxhall Motors to use them on their annual Luton-Brighton trip, thus reviving a design lost 11 years earlier by my own efforts. I am trying the same now with the signs as designs change over time, not improve. They can't improve as designs are perceptions, not absolutes. So rather than change everything they should always leave some old examples unless actually dangerous (you've heard about the man eating tickets,surely?).

I hope the week ahead is less boring than it looks, I've done a couple of hundred miles last week and made a reasonable profit, and however good money in the bank is we need something to add to it somehow.

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