Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A snow day

Well there's eight inches of snow today so any minor plans were altered, and besides the gym being closed which was near enough to visit, my all day quiz playing online was instituted as all points are stored on our profile and points don't mean prizes but advancement compared to the many thousands of other players. Then I decided to take a friend's advice and write another quiz on piles, as I learnt a lot about them from personal need and always been fascinated by bottoms and related functions.

I have now bench pressed 70kg flat for the first time, but due to overeating have not quite beaten my bodyweight which increased accordingly. But it was quite a jump and shows everything is working. Otherwise I made none of my phone calls today as basically no one was at work so will have to wait till everything gets back to normal. Or as they say in America, snafu. Adding to that picture the great obsessive Jonathan Porritt threw his dunce's hat into the ring today suggesting the NHS divert money from healthcare to contraception, but 'to prevent climate change'. I saw this coming didn't I, when I listed all the nutcase ideas people pop up blaming for climate change. Nose picking, making funny faces, leaving dog mess behind, choral singing outdoors, wiping from back to front, eating with your mouth open and spilling salt will all be subject to the accusations and clearly a new era of witch hunting that is often associated with economic declines.

Therefore instead of accepting the issue those with less mental stability but more power divert their attention to a false cause unrelated to any genuine problem and then attack innocent people and animals (remember the monkey hanging in Hartlepool?) as part of needing someone to blame for the false threat. Witches (Salem), Jews (Germany) and every other superstition since the stone age are from the same phenomenon, and people are catching this one like a virus as soon as they come out with the total bollocks associated with the giveaway symptoms. Could you spot the real ones from the made up? Don't use so much toilet paper, jog so much, use barbecues, go on foreign holidays, use your air conditioning, heat your house, eat meat, etc etc.
In fact the only made up one was on April Fool's day by a newspaper suggesting barbecues were to be taxed for emitting CO2. The trouble being this may well happen in reality. All others are genuine suggestions made by academics or celebrities to more restrict our freedom and savings, without the slightest validity and costs greater than any imaginary benefit anyhow.

Maybe the peak will arrive, like it did with oil, where the madness builds to a maximum, people come to their senses and the bubble bursts. One can only hope. And lectures like mine are the only antidote so each day I hear more nonsense hit the airways I come back with a return. It is our duty as the sane to help both the others and ourselves as we are all victims either directly or indirectly besides the few who profit. The campaign is about global bullshitting and the false religion of global warming. Satan is not the human being for causing it but the antichrists of Al Gore and the IPCC for making it up. They are the bad guys and will fuck the world up like a gang bang in a Hell's Angels initiation if we let them carry on spreading lies and insanity.


Anonymous said...

The UK Government has just announced that there will be a tax on the amount of snow that has been estimated, by the Dept of Estimates, to have fallen on your property - building and land and the pavement walkway outside. The tax will be US$7.77c per un-compacted snow cubic foot (12inches x12inchesx12inches). This money will be collected by cash in the current Stirling pound exchange rate in cash -tough luck if you don't have the money or out when the tax collectors call as there will be US$100 fine per day until paid. The calculation of the amount of snow will be based on what the weather bureau estimate should, note should, fallen between 9am to 9am 24 hour period. The weather bureau being very good at forecasting remember the NO hurricane forecast for the UK in 1975. The tax collected will be used to provide more government advertising in all media outlets telling the public about the dangers of global warming. Oh the snow you are having in the UK at the moment IS caused by global warming as it is the ice caps at the north and south poles melting and then evaporating and then falling s snow elsewhere. It is a well known fact that snow is a protective blanket for plants against freezing temperatures so THE SNOW IS WARMING THE GROUND. More proof of global warming. Pay the new tax with pride and help protect the planet for future generations.

David said...

What more can I say! If you know what a Ponzi scheme is you've hit the nail on the head. Like pyramid selling, no product, money just sent up the line from the mugs at the bottom who lose everything. Welcome to the 21st century.