Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A week of tossers (so far).

I have so many half done projects at the moment and besides the everyday road signs that are collected simply by hard work the only bigger prize I've got is a rare warning one (although missing the warning triangle). I've aimed too high as usual, apparently, trying to get the earth to spin the other way according to all the fuss my requests seem to cause. Except getting a TV producer to do their fucking job and not leave it to the (unpaid) participants. I have left so many messages and items with so many people the best replies I've managed so far are 'Sorry, it's not us'. Besides one I reported which pledged support to old road signs just before they removed about 6 of them. It's like being in a world of psychopaths as soon as you want anything to do something beyond the everyday, and only shown up what a bunch of shits work in government and media until shown otherwise.
It wasn't always the same, I managed four TV programmes smoothly before it all fell apart when raising the bar. The jump from satellite to terrestrial is the same as A level to postgrad and equally tough to make, as is local to national newspapers. They are sharks, not just known by my experience but others who say how they find loopholes in the law, well one actually, you can lie as long as a) it won't hurt someone's reputation and b) if it might they can't afford to sue you. ie they do almost what they like and keep a fund for damages in case they get it wrong. And I let these cunts interview me...

Well, you can see I've not had a good week so far and see no more ahead. The one time I was given any power at all I used it to help and look after people. Some there still do but that is not what gets them promotion or even recognition, it is keeping a low profile. Keep your head down, do as you're told. And never disagree. Doing your job well counts for squat besides turning up and being seen to be around. Any more is dismissed as not important as it's about keeping the place tidy, not happy. How depressing.

I have been forced to do the right thing then, to forget every job I've passed on to others (except to keep a date to remind them) as once you've discharged your duty (that's a real phrase, I didn't just make it up) you needn't meditate over it but move on. I have a few longer trips ahead and the days are getting longer so I can do them. The first may be on Thursday, no signs, just old places I know. Meanwhile in the background the pile of replies (and a couple of favours) building up is growing, and besides those that take weeks to reply some will just wither on the vine and disappear. I think the TV programme will as it was wrong from the start and can't see that really making it. Now if they drop it it will be for sale and should I be able to afford it can then take it over as I think the cast will trust me as I got them the job. Imagine that, a TV producer by mistake. But I think I know nearly as much about it as they do now after trying to sweep up behind them for a couple of years. Like buying a house. No one better to do it than the buyer.

Well life has managed to piss away a whole day today, first appointment DNA (business term for forgot to turn up), sign I drove miles to had been replaced, and no replies from any corner. I must expect too much but if you look at what you should expect it means 99% of the people we rely on to improve the quality of our life are total wankers. Oh dear. It can't be both so what else is left?


diver said...

'... life has managed to piss away a whole day today ...'
Funny. Made me think 'welcome to being fifty!' It's as though the days go faster or something? I seem to piss away so many of them. I dunno.

Happy birthday David :)

David said...

Thanks Diver, the birthday was a month ago but although not 50 now see it closing in for the next one. It's no big deal, it's my health and achievements that count, the number is not so important really.