Sunday, February 08, 2009

If you want it done, do it yourself

Most people are selfish sods. If your request doesn't coincide with their agenda they will start helping you just to the point it diverges from their own plans and they fuck off like they've just picked your pocket. I've had more bastards do this to me with the sign campaign than usual, plus others who use me to try and sort out their own schemes instead. Unfortunately it shows that few people want to help for the sake of a good cause and because they have the power and we haven't. They are a handful. The rest want something out of it. Normally it's when you can help their career or project. If they start helping and find it's not getting them what they hoped they turn round and run. Two newspapers, council members aplenty and more. In fact, in this project, not one person in authority has done a fucking thing to help. Many started but none have actually finished a single request through to the end and I am left doing the whole lot on my own as usual.

The actual progress has reached to finally getting not only my first pre 1963 warning sign, but the same one I missed on my old block. It had its triangle missing but otherwise in good order. Besides that I've carried on digging up more old direction signs further and further away, including Hertford, near Woking, and a couple of B road signs one from the 1920s in Southwark. And many more roads to cover as the map is still offering new roads as I work through it.
Now if just one person was to turn around and want to help on this not to get a promotion or one of their own ideas get done I will be very happy. Like the Japanese custom, many Brits say yes and mean no and are just wasting everyone's time. And some come to me! They say how interesting it is, and can I give them an interview and then nothing. And this time it's not me as all I'm doing is giving them a history lesson, not entertaining anyone. I have more calls to make next week and this time the people may even be in their office.

Everything else is a mystery but little has been a surprise. It's not that many people are against you, but very few are for. Different motive but same result.

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