Thursday, February 12, 2009

A week of arseholes

Well, at least our own websites offer total freedom of speech. It seems due to international conflicts of law it also allows anyone to say anything about other people as well despite being libellous, but most freedoms have an associated cost. Having said that all I can talk about is a week of chores and pointless trips because there was little else to do, although I have had a little work today for a change as well.

As far as the road sign project goes there's only one known search trip left as my map has now covered a region from Leytonstone in the east, Hertford in the north, Godalming in the west and a little village in Surrey in the south. I'd go further (except south east as the roads are shite) if there was anything known there but can't travel too far without knowing there was something there to get. I've had no replies from either council since I narrowed down my focus to just the two. One gets a phone call soon and the other needs an email after I was told they can't speak to the public when I phoned. I don't often feel like murdering anyone but if I ever did that was an occasion. And because I was put through to their department by another to deal with my enquiry.

The chores had to be done and are a great relief to be covered so far. Some are large scale and others are just the regular necessities like queuing in a post office (half I know have closed so they usually have queues now where many didn't). The list is about half done and should cover a deal of it tomorrow. A trip to Aldershot over the weekend for the last road search and the rest is over the horizon. The coincidences are up again, which is a good sign even though this week were involved with conflict and misunderstanding, including one who had never done so before so not just dealing with difficult people. Someone said a sentence on the phone just now while I read most of it on a picture I was looking at. That happens with the radio as well but a sentence beats an unusual word I think.

If I am being guided it is a very rough path. In the past I have achieved many great things and each one was close to ending many times before it was completed. When I got them I appreciated them more as they were not simply available from turning up, but at nearly 50 I don't need to learn by ordeal like you do when young. OK, I've so far got through it and am still here to tell the story, but haven't yet got very much to show for it. I am further on one than I have been for a long time and completed the next stage, but all the rest has got me absolutely nowhere.
At least I am able to do most things I couldn't for so long, not always easily but am closer to normal than not after over 2 years.

I am also doing a little survey who reads this. I've seen various tidbits I mentioned crop up elsewhere and just wondered who reads what and passes what on. I have seen people come and go including one who showed me more or less my original idea she was good however badly she behaved in the past. My judgement of character is usually right and improving. And people on the fence go either way sooner or later. Another is basically good but has a dark side that comes out in a particular situation everyone else is aware of as well. Margaret Thatcher, almost my local MP but for a white line along the middle of the road, was someone I never met, but she was a pussycat as a person from what I could see, and it was her actual policies that were scary. She was a good and honest person who just had the power turn her peculiar towards the end. But many people of all colours politically respect her for who she was. The two we have had now, Blair and Brown, are the exact reverse, a poncy slimy creep who gives not a shit about the country or any policy but only his career, and a lying moron whose only skill is blaming others for his shortcomings and otherwise says to people what they want to hear but does what he wants regardless.

So power and leadership comes from the top and sets too many people bad examples of how they should do it, so rather than gain power to help others it ends up as a crusade for personal influence and ego. It's seen at every level from the clerks who answer the phone and deliberately obstruct callers from the people and information they need to those at the top who fiddle millions and sack those who find out about it. Most people in power are there to further their career and only help others when it helps them, stopping as soon as you are no longer getting it for them. Unless they are obliged to help in their job, they will string you along as far as they need to and let go as soon as they don't. It's happened to me with almost every cunt I've dealt with recently and learnt never to treat nice people in authority like friends as they wouldn't pee on you if you were on fire. Many will forget you if you ring more than a week later as well.

Well that's a snapshot of the last week, a few special people have helped while the rest obstruct and destroy me at every move. But it is sad how some cliches are so true and power corrupts nearly everyone with it at every level. From kids squashing ants onwards, most never learn for their whole lives, like alcoholics. It's everyone else except them, unless they learn the truth.


Anonymous said...

We need another Iron Maiden to help rule the world. We have at the moment in the western world a bunch of whimps as leaders and even the USA president, Bob the builder "yes we can" looks like being another whimp. Governments can NOT make money they can only give it out but they can create the stimulus to create industries and employment. Giving out vast trillions of dollars and pounds does NOT create industries but creates an attitude of why should I bother working or bother being careful with my EARNED money when the government will give me money for botching up my life and I can now do sod all work as I'll get another free handout.

David said...

It's currently the new world order beginning, world leaders are sharing policies regardless of party, apparently under the control of a single source.

We can still have some freedoms but must run around faster so they can't keep up. It's spreading everywhere until people wake up and global warming is a clear example like the mark of Cain.

Anonymous said...

There is an interesting article in the 16 February 2009 issue of Time Magazine, (I have it delivered to me by subscription) about New World Order on the financial crisis and how on 2nd April at the G-20 meeting (G 19 plus the European Union) meet in London there will be some changes made on how one country, USA, can control the world's finances and make a mess up of it and China and India also cause a balls-up of it. Going to be an interesting year with so many socialist countries now in control and the banks having the shits. Keep you money under the mattress and change it to Zimbabwean dollars is my advice. Be secure, be wise, don't trust the Pound Sterling, the USA $ nor the Euro.

David said...

I heard that advice for months and longer myself on resonance104.4FM. Check out Max Keiser 'The truth about markets' if you can listen online on Saturdays or stream the saved programmes. He says buy gold as nothing else will hold its value for ages.