Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Global warming admitted as scam

Yesterday's Daily Mail reveals a recent online piece that has taken nearly 20 years to either report or piece together. If this piece was presented at a trial how many judges wouldn't throw out the case before the jury even get to consider it? This is from yesterday's Daily Mail, in my own words. If true I hope the game is finally up. The carbon trust adverts are threatening my mental health already.

Roger Revelle has been found to be the originator of the idea to invent global warming as a man made phenomenon to get massive funding for Harvard. John Coleman, a meteorologist, has traced every thread back to this original source, and after Revelle retired he started to soften, saying perhaps man made global warming is a myth.

Coleman's closing words were "Global warming is a hoax. It is bad science. It is a hijacking of public policy. It is the greatest scam in history." I would have hoped an admission from one of the few who devised this plan would weigh a trillion (a number now active since the world debt mountain reached it) times more than anything I say or any other mere reporter who has done the research. This is the person who created it finally telling the truth. It's always hurtful to feel you've been had, but please listen to someone who really knows rather than suspects. He's only saying what so many others have worked out for ages but he has the authority to do so and be listened to.
And in the words of the reader "Fuck me!".


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the web link with us. EVERYONE should read it, print it out a few times and make sure their family and friends read the article. But ofcourse you and I knew that the global warming thing is a great con anyway. Like getting rid of plastic bags in shops another big con trick.
Notice nobody is asking why there is still not definite change to the Solar activity, Sun Spots Cycle, which should have changed by now from being VERY LOW and should be increasing activity and the polarisation etc change is slow in taking place. These things have a MAJOR effect on our weather. Nobody is comparing the changes in weather on Earth with changes of weather of the other planets in the Solar System.

Oh well keep paying the taxes and keeping being stupid to allow the pollies etc to ruin our financial lives.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should read this link. Here is further TRUTH of the Global Warming Hysteria. Please show your family and friends.