Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday's updates

I've just read the link on global warming, which confirmed oft repeated facts that boil down to man made CO2 emissions raise the temperature by 0.036 degrees.

Now they are the facts, with long explanations of their origins, what bit don't the warmists get? And now Obama and the UN are going to make CO2 an official pollutant. That is like blaming Bambi for cancer or Brian Clough for corruption in football. Never mind the facts and evidence, just plough on regardless as enough of the population are soft enough to believe it. Says a lot for the average person doesn't it...

Back to more interesting topics (ie me). Having been laid low with a cold for a few days spent the last two indoors and was able to man the phone and email and catch up with many important projects, business, pleasure and career (which combines the two as I'm in it for fame not money). Besides actually getting an old warning sign (minus the statutory triangle) none of my projects for over a year now have been completed. No women, articles, TV programmes or campaigns. Some are just alive by a thread, others long dead and buried. I have a massive series of emails to every other paper I can think of next as if two were interested enough to make enquiries, one from a hundred may even print the fucking thing at last. I can only hope and pray but prefer a sign to be preserved or replaced without the need for the weight of the press.

I've found one more possible sign trip with Suffolk (feh, oy vay, oy a broch and ich starb avek) to follow. Yiddish all easily translatable but pretty obvious. I haven't got as far as thinking what I'll do each day after a couple of months looking for signs nearly every day but something always turns up when the time comes. I have also been learning more about human nature, and although there are bad and broken apples out there none are too old to learn. I doubt they will as whatever I write will either not be read or fall on deaf ears, but reform I must if I can, and one saved soul is a miracle, and no need for religion there. There are some situations that only require an apology to win, and others where it is only a start. Now if one person who just needs to admit they were wrong did so I'd get one more piece of faith back in human nature. I have not deserved being treated like a danger to society, but if you expect people to follow like robots you'd better employ morons. Anyone who can actually think and understand cannot remain silent forever if they see areas that can be improved on. Many companies welcome suggestions from staff and offer prizes, but others have the board making all the decisions and you just tow the line. Unless I'm on a chain gang no one can get that from me unless they pay a heck of a lot.

I don't know who else I know reads this, but without embarrassing anyone there are a few women out there who ought to be getting a bloody good seeing to from me, but are either abroad or married. No names but if they read this they may work it out. And committment as well, as they have all I want, but a seeing to should always come first. Just being friends with attractive and intelligent women is the same as standing outside a restaurant watching other people eat. No productive value at all. Nature did not intend it (I have had this out before, and an old friend wasn't impressed, but we are over that now), if both don't want more one nearly always does.
I also suspect lack of sex turns many women into monsters who simply direct their frustration in every direction as they hate life without it. So do I, but men just become depressed rather than mean. Knowing the cause of how a good person turns nasty doesn't mean you can do much about it, and I wouldn't there if I could, but wish someone would give the woman a good nailing so I can finally see a smile on her face after god knows how many years. Otherwise she suffers and we all do.

Yes, I have tested my own theory and seem to be able to outthink most people when challenged, not because I am particularly special, but my mind is clear of the fog that stops equally intelligent people seeing things clearly. I don't read data telling me CO2 is trivial and essential to life and then say we must poison the world with suplhur and iron filings to absorb it. I don't make it an offence to challenge my authority where I have it. In fact having authority is enough. Anyone who challenges true authority is meaningless as they can be ignored. It is only when the person feels threatened they oppress all opinions. Iam never afraid to speak out at injustice for the consequence of revealing the truth is more important than any loss besides imprisonment, and many go even further than I would to accept that in a genuine cause. Most people accept rules and laws without question, even when there is no actual benefit to be gained from following them. And more and more people don't dare open their mouths on immigration, racial and religious differences, class differences, and use medical terms for disabilities although none are crimes as they don't want to risk a bollocking. I ignore each and every one of these artificial constraints and distractions, and the consequences include frequent bollockings, losing authority and being mistrusted, but on the plus side gain a small but valuable collection of good people and never compromise the truth. I'd rather lose a job than lose the plot.

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