Saturday, February 28, 2009

Waiting for the big one

Well the replies are slowly coming in, all questions so far and no answers but all on the case now. But I am waiting for the big one now. No idea what it would be if it was, but we all know when it happens. At the moment it would be getting an old warning sign complete with its red triangle, but the rest are also around like newspaper articles and such. Some are more down to us like qualifications, others we start but are left to others to decide like the media work. We do it and they decide to use it or not. I've had my share in the past, like all are divided into business and pleasure with overlaps.

Starting with the few successful girlfriends albeit short lived, followed by my degree and professional counselling qualification. They have business and personal effects as at least people take you a bit more seriously when they know you're not making all the theories you quote up. Then it tails off. Because I didn't pay to practice the Mensa test I screwed up big time on the real one as I didn't know the rules. I dropped out of my master's degree as I was working in the day and ran out of energy after 6 weeks of evening classes and couldn't drop the job and lose two more years working, I was saving up for a flat and may not have afforded it otherwise. I've done TV and newspaper articles, but not on terrestrial shows or national papers. Just foundations. Most people never go beyond those foundations and I am determined to be one who does. But not yet.

And it's not a rush, I'll be 50 next birthday, an age Sir Fred Goodwin, who lost more for RBS than Nick Leeson did for Barings, has retired already on a pension of £16,000 a week. As much as bloody Beckham or so. You can't string out the career and social ambitions far beyond 50 as I suspect the body just doesn't take it. Who wants kids when you'll be 60 before they go to school? That's another relatively simple ambition I never made, although still can with the right circumstances. So I started with a few big ones, some with lasting effects, plus my meditation course in 1997 so I now have the best (so they say) means to improve my being if I keep doing it. Well that would need to disconnect the internet as it used to follow the TV schedules but internet has none so hard to disconnect for an hour a week, let alone a day. If it had done more for me of course it would be different.

I know the more you want the less the chances of getting it but it's free to ask. So two councils, one newspaper and assorted others I've forgotten about are given ridiculous requests, the sort I'd have been embarrassed to answer when I was in the shop, although if people asked to borrow stuff for charity the owner usually accepted, (I think one complete badminton set was never returned but I digress), and each person thinks how they will say no without me trying to change their mind. Nothing I request is actually unreasonable, often just to return things to how they used to be. If they were like that for 50-100 years before now, then it isn't that incredible to ask to preserve a little of the past as time moves on? Don't replace everything, always keep a sample of what was lost. That's most of many of my campaigns and did get a railway journey to use the old tickets in 1999, 11 years after withdrawal, and I have a pack of the spares in my collection.

But so far although the projects are creeping ahead at last some I could have even avoided had I acted when I had the chance. See an old sign all your life and you never expect it to go. I took photos all around two of them, even the back of one. And the third I passed in the car, I wasn't driving, saw it suddenly, didn't ask to stop (I usually have the camera with me) and didn't write down where it was. When I went back to the likely spot it looked the same a few weeks later without it. That is one enquiry I'm waiting to hear about and even if they know if it has gone then I will only have no more need to look around.

The days ahead have a few little plans, an apparently known sign trip tomorrow on the M3, a call to someone who told me about a required red triangle sign but couldn't find it when I looked, waiting for a photo of a direction sign from a video I made, and that's about it. Now if I can gossip about anyone or anything next time without getting myself into any trouble I will, but the amount of sharp eyes and ears out there ready to get you digitally (as in technology, not with a finger) castrated is amazing. I was told anyone can read our emails if they know how and whatever I say online can get back to the target very easily as well. And not even with any names mentioned. There are some sick puppies out there who think it's so important to get anyone into trouble for talking about their lives instead of getting on with their own and talking about them as well. It's what we do, share. If they have to repress freedom of speech even online now by reporting what we say back to the subjects it is a sad day for humanity.

I hope any of the sods responsible read this as well as my emails, as I mean you. I will continue to write and say what I want about who I want as unless it's a lie it is legal to. If people don't like it they should write rude stuff about me and not try and get me into trouble instead. It gets no one anywhere when they do, and has no benefits for those who engineered it. All that happens is somewhere lost a good member of staff and they now have little useful to do on the internet. Good result? I think not. Pathetic.

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diver said...

Who wants kids when you'll be 60 before they go to school?
I suspect the reality might be that 'kids' is the price that some 50-something blokes must pay if they want company in the final third of their lives. I see it in the street sometimes ... 50-60-something-yearold well-appointed men bearing the facial scars of loneliness and neglect, hand-in-hand with their mid-thirties pregnant girlfriends. Just the way it is I guess ... some girls need financial security and a father figure, and some old fellas have got those qualifications. All the best to them I say.

That's my suspicion anyway.