Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Nothing could happen this week

I have more reasons for non-attachment at the moment, major projects with very little chance of success but if we want more we have to have a go. Two calls to councils about getting old signs sorted out, publishers to speak to about the related book, and a possible trip, maybe the final one, to Poplar for signs if they haven't gone and someone lets me know where one is.
It's been a good week (ie since this time a week ago), one sign, seen two old friends, got a load of birthday presents (new DVD player today included), and more vouchers including one just exchanged for some new jeans which I saved £7 by shortening myself, and quite a good job. Saving money is a good motivation to learn to sew, and many other things like cleaning the car.

My gas bill for the last quarter beat all records by £200, for a 3 bedroom chalet bungalow I was just nailed for £534. My health comes first so I keep the house warm all year round, and more important than being ill and saving money like before it was under my control. Flu every year or so and many more colds isn't worth saving any money for. Very few at all now. This week I really have few outdoor pursuits, M&S was done today and besides taking my book to the local history shop to be told it costs too much to sell very little else. I'm still waiting to see if my sole example of an old sign taken before the digital camera will be legible as it was on a video, but am now happy with my goodness knows how many direction sign really need a red triangle complete with sign rather than a mixture of old and new like the sole example I caught so far. There's one in Poulton-le-Fylde I just heard about but if I was that desperate I'd go to Suffolk and then probably find they've already gone. Could be worth a try actually. It'll be just like my old days when I went all over for tickets but that meant as many places as I could visit, although at the end only a couple had the old ones and did 500 miles in one day for my only Welsh examples.

Well I hope I actually succeed in any of this week's plans as the odds are well against me besides shlepping around London for an old sign or two (one has no paint so barely legible). More snow is forecast so it may be watching the DVDs that have stacked up and other videos including another set of Watch with Mothers which is a thousand times better than the shite you now see on CITV and similar even worse channels from America and Japan. I am firmly stuck in the 60s and early 70s and only a woman or a sympathetic council will change that.

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