Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Another week ahead

Well despite having barely any plans I've been pretty busy. A booking was cancelled on Saturday which meant I could go to the annual school reunion for the first time since 2005. I did go most years but after no one carried on going who I knew I stopped, was working last year and wanted to check in this year again. Same two hard core people only, second worst turn out ever but at least I was there. I kept Streetviewing despite having nearly every reasonable sign on my list within 40 miles, and found a pair (at least) on the arse end of a shitty estate I went to a couple of weeks ago. The illegible sign was a new one and the others repeats but must be thorough and did a couple of others again in daylight as they look better.

The week is free ahead besides clearing grandma's house, which will take some time. I hope to check the roads in Cheshunt as Streetview doesn't stretch more than 15 miles from London so I still have to do many places the old way. I missed the library trip on Friday as it closes at lunchtime but now know only Tuesday Thursday and Saturday are any use for me. It was too hot last week to do the front garden so will be on that next, and the rest is a mystery. No more thank goodness from the nutcases but that is usually their nature. If you live in a fantasy world hopefully most of the actions are fantasy as well. He says...

But most of the guidance has been working as each possibly dead day has been filled one way or another and anything ahead should follow the same way, and hopefully extend over every other area besides old signs.

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