Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Looking at reality

As if any ever made a noise in the first place, I've been going through a quiet period the last couple of days. Besides raining until the evening each day I've just been fannying around looking for things to do. That's included a bit of gardening with the newly borrowed clippers, a visit to the outdoor gym again and doing some housework (only happens when all else has run out). But I can't have excitement the whole time and don't need it, rather stability like I had when I still lived at home, better place, better area and with other people.

Until that happens again (my arse), I have to drag whatever I can from the same pool of randomness we all do. A little good news is along with three new scientific books demonstrating how everything I've said about global warming for years is correct the earth's got colder again this month. The actual trend is now towards an ice age but that would fuck up their whole scheme so saving that for geeks like me to discover online. The very fact both the BBC and most papers ignore such vital news demonstrates their attitude to it. They have a task and they must stick to it until the size and weight of the truth overwhelms the wall they've put up for it. While Gordon Brown fiddles in Copenhagen after robbing the world better than Robin Hood or even Al Gore could do. He's a lying scheming bastard and besides claiming he couldn't see the recession coming was partly behind it by allowing unlimited lending. What else could it lead to tell me?

Thank goodness a few other intelligent and perceptive people see things exactly the same way as I do, but like anyone at the top of the pyramid not enough to do very much about it. The majority always being right is a well known fallacy as only a small minority are intelligent enough to see through the crap others will fall for. The leaders know and exploit this and most people are accused of conspiracy theorists for pointing it out. If only that was true. But if the global warming con is seen through and our politicians proved guilty hopefully no one will trust them again.
At least I can know I'm doing my bit on that front.

Ahead is no more than behind. When the highest point on the year's social calendar is half an hour at my old school where I hardly know anyone just about sums up the general picture. I'm quite used to it now mind you, but hope it doesn't go on forever. I'm still self promoting, offering my free counselling services to papers, offering articles, chasing women (online at least) and whatever else comes to me. It got one sign painted at least besides meeting a few people online, and similar to having unlimited tries at X Factor in case you finally make it. Persistence is as important as talent as if you give up because you assume you haven't enough talent you may well be wrong, it's just a matter of competing with everyone else's. Never give up as long as you have more chances.

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