Friday, July 10, 2009

Work and routine

It can be pretty annoying when you and others know the truth and others are lying and getting away with it. But normally in these situations it can't last forever as you can't build a house from words alone. We will see. I've also collected much of my work together in some new articles and am saving them for someone who may actually choose to pay me for them. Why the fucking hell should I study for 6 years, practice for another 17 and share my knowledge for nothing? Who else would for so long? It's one thing having the odd individual client but over the years you see and learn patterns and want thousands of people to learn rather than a handful. So I put it out online and professional journals where none of the people who need to learn read it. I've been writing for courses endlessly so have just about sewn up what it takes by now and besides not swearing when a magazine finally agrees to print my work for money pretty much everything else will be as you read it here.

Actually I suspect it would be more popular if I did swear but you need to be well established to get away with risks like that. The biggest shock I got at 14 was when my therapist swore freely (considering I was punished so heavily when I did at 8 that I was terrified of the words for years after). But basically if people swear and they're not working for someone else they carry on all the time. You get used to it after a while. Since then I've had bosses who never stopped from the minute they arrived to the minute they went home. But they were just common rather than saving it for when it was useful. Big Brother has been noticing that this year with housemates commenting how pointless it is to swear the whole time as it has no effect or use. I never said a bad word in writing till I picked it up here either. But I realised if I am happy to say them and let them go I should be able to write them and leave them indefinitely.

It's been a week of chores and little else besides walks in the parks and woods around here for relief when the rain finally stopped on Thursday. Since my grandma died there's only me and my mother to clear a three floor house of 99 years of tut. We did a lot while she was alive for obvious reasons but a lot she needed so had to leave a lot while she still did. So that's my main job at the moment, and managed to catch up on a lot of gardening since the weather cooled down and then dried up. Otherwise I'm still watching all the satsang on Youtube and am wondering if the true state is just seen by dropping the false one whether it should be quite easy now to do so, especially with 12 years of practice. I'd certainly change if that happened. No plans for either the weekend or the week ahead, the football friendlies start about then and may be one on Tuesday or thereabouts, and the timetable show a nice selection depending on parking and access. Other than that it's a mystery beyond the normal routine which is just like breathing. Necessary but not very exciting.

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