Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jobs done

A bit of Jungian analysis here (I have read the book). As I was so repressed from letting go in work and in many places online among others, the blog has become a release for my dark side, like Tourette's. There are no restraints there and the alternative is to push your boundary walls so hard by holding things in they come out when random people speak to you. Rather than reach that stage I'd rather eff and blind here from time to time than let it slip or blow out with people who won't either expect or appreciate it. Some people live from that place so becomes normal but I never have but certain words do apply to certain situations as do opinions but few places in real life allow me to use them.

Well I'm free now, the Funtrivia.com global challenge, over 4 months of daily quizzes, has just ended, and after playing the lot once before I again came in the top 10 at 7th although the rounds were set twice a day to allow people with jobs to play everything. So even against anyone free to do so I can still do it. No more running around when the broadband packs up to ask neighbours to play there or spending ages working out word games. I wanted to see if I could do it again and am very pleased I did. Busy working this afternoon and free now, and just wandering around websites as there's no TV and little else to do. I will probably take up the lounge carpet this week as the dirt is more than the carpet and there's proper wood flooring underneath. That'll save me a fortune if I can and get a rug to cover the centre. On the social side a couple of people are nibbling at the edges but have to see what happens. Any nookie will be a bonus of course.

Now the quizzes are over I will do what I can to read more blogs again, I stopped for a while simply as nearly all on my list had stopped writing so had a job finding any new ones as many bloggers have a profile but no blog. The hits here are diabolical at the moment and only increase when someone has a go at me, like Big Brother viewing figures do. Well for those looking for excitement go to my Youtube site (satguru) as I've been getting death threats there as well as on the phone from a paranoid schizophrenic. None for 49 years then two in a week. I learnt if I don't like anything to go in the other direction but many people have not. You get rid of 1 bad person and you'll find others, that isn't how it works.
Tomorrow is one booking, a search in Golders Green and a probable visit to clear more books from my late grandma's house, two suitcases full to deliver somewhere else until they are gone. There are only two left in her family and my mum is 75 and sticking to the paperwork. My dad's 81 and in Surrey so not expecting him to get busy either. So I do what I can and when it gets to the big stuff will need the van drivers to come in.

I also have my hedgecutters working so that will be done as well in the week, anything else remains a mystery.

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