Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Time and effort

I am pretty sure that the amount of effort put into anything besides specific jobs has no bearing on the outcome. I have put quantity over quality possibly in a few areas, such as spreading the word on global warming being purely a scheme to redistribute wealth, banning road humps and the like, along with my own personal career, and any results I've had (with the career anyway) have been simply from good ideas followed by other people calling me. Once I'd done my bit the actual usage was out of my hands. But the time spent for example on dating agencies, where I joined a couple at a time, went through profiles constantly and followed by regular dates got me sod all until a free internet site delivered one who lasted a short while before disaster struck. Just turning up at a friend's when the right woman is there and hitting it off involves no effort, it just means being in the right place at the right time. I've put lots of effort into many campaigns of all types recently and the results have been one old road sign painted (by me) and another promised by the council (who I trust as they've prepared it already).

But compare that with the emails I've sent and work I've submitted. Writing is considered work, seeing the huge amounts reporters earn (a lot more than therapists I can tell you), they can get an idea, as Boris Johnson explained, run it off in a couple of hours at home and earn thousands. He has proved my point alone but it is the case for national papers at least. I'm not saying I don't get the results sometimes but since my college courses have not been related to any amount of work I've put in. Of course it's balanced by areas I do bugger all in but then again probably do just as well there as any other which basically means why bother full stop?

So looking at the little I can do about my progress anywhere I am basically going with whatever flow happens, dealing on a reactive basis as even my own good ideas come when they feel like it and can't force them either. The Celestine Prophecy should easily be finished this week and at least that provides a framework for life I was already aware of so not something I've invented, observed and possibly got all wrong as whoever wrote it (and where he learnt it from) agreed. I know nothing of it's origins but will check that next. No plans this week, last week I worked more than I had for years (clearing my grandma's house is work as well as I'm an executor of the will), so welcome some free time although haven't a clue (besides taking my photo book to sell to the library) what else I'll do. But I only work day by day now and that's tomorrow's job along with food shopping on the return. I intend to spend more than usual on West Indian frozen meals since buying a test container, I've only seen them in one shop and worth an extra pound or so for the quality.

I've also joined the global warming is a lie type group on Facebook, and urging everyone to email the contact BBC News site to ask why they never seem to mention the accredited scientists who either never believed in it, or better still those like Dr Claude Allegre who realised what I always guessed, it was not something humans can control either way. Playing God is a phrase I've seen used, the arrogance of pretending they can stop our climate rising by more than 2', as if they even knew it was going to. Until the BBC and similar give equal reporting rights to both sides it's my duty to spread the word as I don't see any other fucker doing it. Except you Roger admittedly and someone I know called Dave in America who at least spreads it on our trivia site as well as myself. But considering the vast amount of data out there, all basically agreeing on the amount of CO2 we emit isn't enough to beat termite farts (they are one of the greatest causes) let alone volcanoes, yet the BBC are paid to ignore it. And governments give grants to scientists to in turn give them the green light to raise taxes. Anyone not under 24 hour care ought to get this one but there's nearly half a million people on the biggest stop global warming group on Facebook and only a few thousand on the biggest of the opposites. Hence the need to repeat, repeat and keep repeating until one person at a time gets fed up and checks what I'm talking about, and realises it may actually be true. Who the hell wants to feel stupid? But isn't it better to be released from a trap than stay there in comfort?

My cleaner returns after well over a month on Saturday with great relief, I've done a lot better than expected on my own although wouldn't last much longer. I will continue to practice looking at auras as I'd say it's the single most useful thing I can do, as increasing our own senses must be. Strangely everything I've seen this time round has been static, only growing and shrinking in size, whereas most in the past were either smoky or wispy. Auras are auras so unless I'm doing something differently wonder why although I am now also seeing colours (which I hardly ever did before) it's just a static glow rather than like a heat haze or pulsing energy. If I run out of places to go I can always do that but it wears you out after a while.
So not a clue what I'm doing as usual, other chores beckon as always but again as always can be delayed some time. I'm not really waiting for any more than the second sign to be painted, none of my other emails got me anywhere and most of the best (and worst) things come out of the blue anyway, although my new intuition exercise from the book is in early stages, first two produced nothing though but carrying on.


Roger Hooton, Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

Keep up your positive campaign to spread the word about the great Global Warming Tax which is just another way for governments to make up for the loss of tax revenue as more people give up smoking. In Australia the Emission Trading Tax is a farce. We sell billions of $'s of coal, iron and gas to China who is one of the biggest polluters on Earth and they don't give a stuff what they do but Australians will have to pay a big tax on the minute amount they cause that doesn't alter the world climate anyway! And we are selling our mineral wealth to China and ignoring the future generations of Australians will need such in years to come. Australians are gradually banning ALL plastic containers used to package food etc, yet it is OK to sell oil and gas t o China who will use the by products to make plastic containers for their billions of people. South Australia has the largest Uranium mines in the world and exports the stuff around the world yet our damn governments refuse to allow Australia to have nuclear power! I know someone who works at Roxby Downs mines and have been told that a piece of uranium the size of a can of Coke would generate all the power needed for a family in today's modern power hungry homes for a hundred years!

Most religions were invented by mankind to control others by the use of fear that something nasty will happen to them if they don't comply with God's wishes which apparently God only told a few select people such. It is a form of mass hypnosis. Check out how the preachers do it at churches especially these new -age churches like Assembly of God etc. The same same goes for the Global Warming fanatics. It is a from of hypnosis. Read a fairy story to a child enough times and he/she really does believe in it. Oh dear the sky will fall down! The same with global warming preach enough through the media and people believe it. The modern day church ministers like Al Gore get paid millions of $'s by institutions to spread the fear.

David said...

Is it really an IQ or gullibility issue? So many people like us can see the whole thing (including religion actually) as an obvious scam yet there are enough others left who accept what they're told without question.

The Celestine Prophecy is all about this and if it works at all levels of authority could wipe away all this nonsense and set us all free.