Sunday, September 06, 2009

A quiet week

Regardless of actual events I am seeign it through the eyes of order now, and the more I do the more I should see it and the more normal it should become. I've nearly finished the book now and surprised considering it was written ages ago it hasn't had more impact on people since. I can't be the only one who was already tuned into it surely?

Today was a test, I had no plans and instead of trying to work something out in advance just waited to see what happened. It was nothing special but kept busy. I've eliminated another woman from the search, not for reasons of rejection but she's married, as most good ones would be. It kept me in practice though and proved not only do good ones exist but locally. And you meet women far better just doing things normally than trying to meet them at events or agencies after 30.

So currently life is a total vacuum. I've got a couple of little ideas for next week but nothing special, have a system of one quiz written to go online and an old sign to be painted, and that's it. No new ideas to add, I can say one of the climate groups in America just found sunspots heat the stratosphere which explains what everyone with a brain's been saying for years. We have had very unusual sunspot activity, I remember particularly as when I had CB radio in the 80s we relied on it to talk abroad, and the could usually be predicted year by year for decades. The pattern seems to have fallen apart since then and could well be related to all the panic over weird climates. If there are any of course, ours is the same every year and always has been.

I suppose after the last few entries I shouldn't mind a quick one so to speak, but may be anything round the corner for all I know.

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