Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hoping for more

I've been reading a lot of spiritual stuff recently, and am now seeing how the yawning gaps between apparently guided events are still part of the same guidance. I'm definitely connected to what are usually called the Akashic Records, the pool of everything we can all tune in to like using the internet without the computer. Today I went on Google Streetview, had an area to check, and went straight to another old direction sign, only the second one I've found by random (as opposed to informed) searching. Because of the congestion charge, which although set for reduction from the enlarged zone maybe when pigs fly, it was not absent today or in a year ahead, so will have to go at night.

Since the last one it's been business mainly, had to be done and gone smoothly so can't complain however boring it's been. Like working I think, if I can remember that far back. So at least I have the next day or two sorted out, if the sign's still there I'll be a happy man and not worry about doing too much on that front for a while. I'll be free to do all the housework and gardening I don't do when I'm out taking photos. I made a video on Saturday but there's a glitch for a few seconds that stops it working and means Youtube can't upload it, which is a shame as it wasn't one on my doorstep. I'll probably have to make a new counter for here since Blogger removed the numbers and now it's stopped counting. 26378 I think and that's in a couple of years or so. Because of Streetviewing taking priority I haven't had time for reading many blogs, especially as so few are still there I did read. It takes far longer finding active ones than reading ones on the list.
I've had no more replies on signs from any council, and the radiation story died a death, which didn't really surprise me as the evidence had mainly decayed within a couple of weeks.

So I am just watching what happens at the moment, as if nothing is really guided or connected then it would mean that's even stranger than the idea it is, as otherwise how would everything come together so frequently? You can't dismiss the experience of your own life, and when things are apparently random then start working as if written by someone the difference is drastic. I could still do with a bit more, as during the gaps it is just as bad as before, and would need a way of finding how those parts are just as much part of it, as the Celestine Prophecy says. The fact I think of the numerous things which aren't here does make me wonder that if things are guided, how can they be beyond finding old signs and getting my grandma's estate sorted out smoothly. It's a start but can't base your whole life on it. The enlightenment described in the book and others (although one teacher is now denying it exists) seems like my ultimate goal, as those who are happy as things are have no interest in it. The only material thing I really need is a woman, the very thing lacking for nearly all my life. Then friends and family, and then everything else. But once you wonder if there is more you only want something beyond the known and the book contains most of that.

I'd hate to think all this was going nowhere. There are givens, my own clairvoyance and intuition, and the way at least some complex events have guided me to signs I'd probably never have found otherwise. But as the book said, once we realise things are not as taught in school then if one event can be fixed by other forces then they all can. A miracle covers all beyond science, and if it happens once it's real, even if you never come across it again. That is not hope but reality, and should only gain hope from extending known reality, or as the teacher said, you end with hopeless.

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