Friday, September 18, 2009

A global week so far

Well it's about the third week of not making plans and been pretty busy. I checked the stats and didn't record the comment visit so something's up the creek and still can't get the counter back on my profile.
Last week was making little deals/negotiations that saved me a small fortune, and then spent a couple of afternoons boxing up the last of my grandma's belongings to be collected tomorrow and auctioned on Monday. Three floors, four bedrooms and 99 years of stuff. My friend's doing all the actual arranging as it's his job anyhow, so saved us both more trouble than we could probably have handled.

Otherwise it's been more or less business as usual, random photo trips and when I called the radio tonight to explain why global warming has been created to part the masses from their cash the previous caller, who was pushing the official line word for word turned out to be Professor Robert Winston! My call was straight after to contradict him, although I'd prepared it before he got on. That was some honour and gave me more material to pull to bits. Over half the other callers agreed with me as really the consequences of believing are creating the toughest totalitarian regimes outside the existing ones. Just like you don't stop terrorism by banning photos of the police you don't stop burning fossil fuel by charging people as it just makes them poor. The dissonance between claim and result is enough for many people to realise as everyone has to use the fuel they do then in fact the only change is the tax collected.

I've also scanned probably the last of my old prints online, and not an old sign among them despite passing a good many on the way. Just different aims at the time and missed them as they vanished almost to the end. I got another (15th) no through road nearby from Streetview and there's another some way further if I can be arsed, just to mark another on my map. Nothing of any significance seems to have happened, but if it has I've either forgotten or missed it. Today was one of the many (far more now no grandma) I didn't see a single person to talk to, and can't be good for anyone. No types of sex are bad enough but no conversation either is why I have to do it here instead. The phone isn't the same at all. When you go on summer camp at 8 to the holiday equivalent of Colditz a call home makes very little difference, ditto when living alone.

The radiation leak was ignored by the first newspaper so now sent it public and hope it gets picked up. A second person has developed a bleeding mouth and the symptoms are all consistent with Chernobyl. There has been a nast leak at Aldermaston but that is nowhere near Kent and would have poisoned everyone for 60 miles if that had reached there. My sole role now is to publicise it online while I've passed it onto someone in the media to spread it there, so every site I use is one more that has read it.

I still haven't a single specific plan, but have used every day well so far despite probably not fixing anything that could be fixed ling term. That isn't our role though as besides things like moving house (provided you can afford to pick and choose, which most people can't) those changes come from outside. There are the different areas, business, pleasure and spiritual. I've managed business level 1, survival, but not fame and fortune. Pleasure is the big gap as I'm sure everyone's realised, and spiritual is probably about level 2 having learnt and shifted the basics like meditation and clairvoyance. The end point is enlightenment and do see many more claiming it online where they certainly didn't 10 years ago in meetings. That is most down to effort and I have my practices which come and go depending on what else is happening, and besides fitting the Celestine Prophecy system and seeing the guidance already am uncertain how much else I've managed.

Finally a quick summary of the earlier radio call, whay the hell are people worried about climate change? It's not unknown, we have records of climates of all types going back millennia, and from the time humans arrived they've had extremes of hot and cold nothing like we know and survived all but the ice. Populations of plant and animal life always increase with temperature, and so far it has never risen to levels beyond acceptable despite being way above current ones. So given the fact the past is known, then why fret about the future? If it gets warmer so fucking what? More people thrive and those already in very low lying areas or hot ones will have decades to move minimum. That is what they always did and continue to do so. How people can be blinded to ignore the obvious is a feat worthy of Derren Brown and David Blaine working together. These are otherwise educated people talking and thinking a pile of toffee.

Hypnosis is my business, and am now even more amazed by its power as I realised the small scale glitches you can introduce into people's minds, but this one is universal besides the majority who aren't affected. But they are helpless like me as the ones that matter are the ones creating the illusion, not those affected by it. There are just enough not to burn down the BBC the next time they spend a whole science programme talking about global warming, (as they did twice this week so far), as no ifs, no buts, they are lying to each and every one of us and I know how and why. One day people will thank me for this effort.


Roger Hooton, Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

This is just to let you know that I looked at the blog today and to test if your comment thing is working. What actually is your view on MODERN nuclear power? I am all for it and wish that our damn Labor (Labour) governments state and federal would accept such and get them built. Australia, especially South Australia, has the largest Uranium reserves in the world. My state has the largest uranium mines in the world and we EXPORT the stuff around the world, even India is going to get it now that legislation has been passed! Get oh no we can not have this CLEAN and cheap power. A piece of uranium about the size of a can of Coke would provide all the power for a family of four for at least 10 years, (Obviously you don't have the raw stuff in your home but that is to let you know how good it is) MODERN NP stations are clean and efficient and the waste product can be safely transported and contained for future generations to develop even more power as technology improves over the next 100 years. Wind and Sun power is NOT cheap, it is NOT efficient to generate and is NOT suitable for many areas in the world. Over 40 years ago a friend, who I am still in weekly contact with, was one of the drillers that discovered the the very large uranium deposits in South Australia. I have a local friend who works at the world's largest known uranium mine at Olympic Dam here in South Australia, I see him when he is on work leave and he visits his family here. So I think I can trust these people in what they tell me about Nuclear Power being essential for providing safe power for the world. Australia has one of the largest open cut coal areas in the world, most of it exported to China! so obviously it is in our country's interests to promote and use Clean Coal which of course carries a hefty Carbon Tax (Footprint Tax)when used over here but is exported to China with no such tax imposed on them.

Enough said for now. Over to you for your views David. Do a Blog on it if you want a lot of space.

Roger Hooton, Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

An error has occurred on my comment. It should be 100 (HUNDRED) years where I mention the amount of Uranium needed to power a house.

Anonymous said...

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