Thursday, September 10, 2009

Becoming invisible

You win some you lose some, after being ripped off £60 for going through a gated road (as they'd left the gate open, logical) I wondered if there was any way to get it back elsewhere. I had a random call from a company offering me a house insurance quote, which was way below what I was paying, so rang my company up and told them and got well over £100 off the old price. Job done.

Otherwise I'm currently publicising a radiation contamination in Kent which will hopefully get in the papers now besides me showing 50 people online, as it's a bit of a nasty situation where man made elements were found implying it was an accident and one they haven't admitted to. How many others are there we never found out about either? The teachings at all levels say to avoid nuclear power at all costs, as there's no cure for the effect of exposure and no reason to touch the stuff compared to alternatives. Yet another example why now.
So from no plans again but freedom I saw an ad for the Beatles in Abbey Road to push their new (old) album release and decided to make my own. Besides the DVD filling up after 1 1/2 minutes (no spare carried for a change) I got everything I wanted without repeating people crossing for 10 minutes as intended. I also got all my hardware shopping in my local shop today (pretty obscure stuff) without either having to go further afield or find the items at all. It all counts. So my rugs are not slipping now on the wood floor from removing the old carpet, and have a pizza wheel now so I can slice the pizzas without them slipping across the room.

I suspect my comment rate has reduced as I haven't had the time to read many blogs for a while, mainly because the ones I did read have been removed. It takes ages to find new ones as most links are years old and the fraction who do update are not always more than a list of reviews of gadgets or entertainment or links to other sites. Do these fuckers get kickbacks as there are more than enough advertising sites doing this crap officially without some spotty geek in Luton measuring all the DVD players in PC World for us. What else could motivate people to waste time (theirs and ours) reviewing anything that's being done to death already by professionals. I think I've solved that now, just a little additional pretend blog looking like a twat from Luton but in fact a twat from an ad agency. The few intellectuals around blogging seem to be pretty hard to find.

I can't help waiting for 'the big one'. Something which will change my life from mundane to special. Had the woman from the library been single and interested that could have done it. If I can start seeing auras properly again, get on terrestrial TV, in a national paper, have an official admit global warming was announced prematurely as it's now been found not to be reliable, and anything else at that level. These things probably happen on average every 10 years (to me at least), and it's well overdue for me. I order everything in life to different levels, events, people etc, as it's very easy to rank from best to almost as good but not quite etc. I expect we all can, marks out of 10 etc. The top level have to be life changing or it's there and gone leaving you no different.

I've finished the Celestine Prophecy now, although there is the following two insights plus one never written about. I read the tenth ages ago and can't remember or find it now, but the bits I saw elsewhere seem it should flow on its own from the others. As I found within days they are meant to merge to one view of life, and I am now aware of it working that way regardless of how James Redfield worked the stuff out. It fit my previous experience and he didn't know that. Whether people really become invisible at the end is similar to David Icke's lizards, a great book with a dodgy bit. If even one person had reached that level and become invisible people would notice, and once a few had we'd know it was possible and would no longer see the world as it was. Goodness knows where that bit came from but won't worry about it affecting the rest.

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