Friday, September 11, 2009

Please leave comment!

According to my stats no one has read the last entry. Last month despite updating as often as usual my hits dropped by 75%, fair enough, but according to the stats I haven't had one visitor for a week besides one today. The fact it also shows a visitor on the 26th may indicate a problem, and the site has hidden the HTMP to repost the counter on the blog so everyone else can see it as well. I know I've hardly commented on other blogs for a while but never stopped me reading them myself. Maybe (life is like that) it's the repetitive nature of my life and resulting entries, but I can't write what doesn't happen, despite a couple of weirdos accusing me once of being a liar. I am weird, eccentric and politically incorrect, but always speak the truth.

Just in case there is a glitch could everyone leave a comment here just to check how many people are visiting, I did have 50 a day before they stopped the links, and when they returned got 90 when people were insulting me. I'd rather not have that as a reason for readers, and if anyone wants more themselves I'm happy to come on their blogs and call them names if that's how they'd like to do it.

I am reaching the end of a totally free week. With no grandma after 49 years I now have more time to fill, and having realised you can't always plan ahead just did whatever I could think of this week. That ended up with a reasonably decent (as the DVD ran out after I just started) video of people crossing the zebra in Abbey Road, another aborted photo visit to Watford (traffic came to halt before bridge yet again), and saving myself a packet on home insurance. Besides that and some food shopping I haven't done that much but hasn't been a waste. Other little jobs like accounts and probate for my grandma's will have also been done which probably wouldn't have had I been out more.

I'm still not really planning. There's a possible photo album to be made for a nearby library if they say yes, another online quiz to write, no actual work (big deal) and the rest (including the blog hits) is a mystery. I'm still trusting the Celestine Prophecy to provide what I need to, although the source seems to be no more than his imagination it already corresponded with most of my experience so if there is a single source of information we are all connected to it.
Meanwhile I hope I both return to my stats and find it was a glitch, and secondly I find a way to get the numbers back here where everyone else can see them.
Of course I'm still hoping for more. This week was more business than pleasure, although the money saved provided some pleasure as a result. I also spent some time on the radiation case which although I haven't heard back yet is an important issue that needs publicising. More so not just in itself but if proved means the government hide dangers from the public hoping they won't get found out. I knew this already but this would mean everyone else would, and maybe start doubting some more of the bullshit they talk (the greatest being carbon emissions of course). One by one people have to wake up to the fact that simplifying a false concept so some people believe it isn't going to make it true, and the information required to find it is false is all over the internet written by the genuine experts who don't lie to save their careers.


Roger Hooton, Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

David I read your last posting TWICE as I forgot, my old age, that had read it. I usually check most days or every other day to see if there is anything new. Hope you are able to get out and about a bit more to take those interesting photos. Hey have you tried searching for the woman of your dreams by doing the old midnight shopping bit - the old singles shopping as it is known?
In a few weeks time you should be able to take some nice photos of the snow as it will happen.

Cheers from Roger.

David said...

Well that's one, it's working, I'll see what the counter's doing now I know there's been a visit.