Thursday, August 19, 2010

Connected threads

A few themes today, maybe they'll all end up being connected by the end. It's been a busy and fairly productive time but filled with conflict, a sort of shedding of skin or rebirthing where you get all the afterbirth and gunk as well as the product. I suppose that's not unusual, and were just discussing it on the radio with cognitive dissonance. That's when you find something new which doesn't agree with what you assumed so simply reject it. I've got plenty of those on the climate front but don't give a shit at least- the low point came today when a twat from the Green Party yet again said 'Climate is the biggest threat to the planet'. So famine, war, genocide, pollution, disease and overpopulation aren't that bad then? What a fucking stupid twat.

Anyway, I was also amazed when a political journalist on the radio honestly said I was so eloquent I should be running a political party. I really wasn't expecting that, I just called to say why people shouldn't give up on a cause just because hardly anyone actually votes for it, and that was his conclusion at the end of the call. Every now and then you get a clue you are doing well and that was a big one. The next theme this week is genius. I realised that most experts, teachers and academics are not, so when one is they get the piss taken until and unless they actually prove what they are saying is true, of course meaning everyone else is wrong. Of course all those who do see they are right are tarred with the same brush, and although some time back I discussed the connections with genius and insanity that was the sensitivity and awareness aspect, not other people's opinions.

So with cognitive dissonance if people believe in something no amount of genius will tell them otherwise until they find it themselves. Like the climate of course- how many decades will temperatures do nothing special before enough people realise not only would even a 6'C rise be a minor inconvenience (IPCC not me there) but it ain't gonna happen? Pass. On other areas of course God won't arrive and present itself in the open as he did to Moses (although he had to avert his eyes or they'd be burnt out, another good reason not to try it), but only appears in people so they can't show others. Aliens however could but prefer to wait till governments don't shoot at them (there is plenty of radar and released reports of that, Belgium being the worst example). Then intuition either adds to or gives the image of genius- how can noticing something and then speaking on a subject as if there when it happened without ever having seen it be seen as anything else? Some people watch and wait for intuitives to make a mistake to say it proves they were all wrong, but if everything up to then was right even the best can't have a perfect channel.

I've got quite a bit done myself, and the soap opera around me has provided suspense on many long and short term events ahead- from how many mistakes do they have to make on global warming before enough people dismiss it as a bad job to my magazine article coming out. The meditation CDs arrived yesterday and showed me the genius in teachers as well, as the reason I'd seen fault with so many is they missed bits. Usually as they either didn't understand them or hadn't thought about them, so provide some of the material but incomplete. I'd seen this guy online for months (Adyashanti) and learnt far more than I had previously, and the CDs confirm this as he worked with people who had practiced for years like me and got little progress and worked out why. Basically they were trying too hard. His meditation (so far, there are others) is almost the same as my active one but a more passive approach to it. Right area, new approach to it.

I've heard nothing about the PC but besides not being able to print the laptop has now taken over and I've been tweaking it to work more as it should now I see its faults all the time. Otherwise I've just been shopping and taking photos of the woods and fields as usual, and making loads of enemies on Twitter but if people tweet crap it's almost a crime of omission not to pick them up on it. If one more person confuses looking after the planet with climate they should make a law banning ignorance and paint them green to show their politics and stupidity. At least. Or maybe teach them some science, logic and if it was possible to commonsense.
I expect everything above has been guided this week, not just for me but everyone involved. I may get a kicking but possibly to teach the person doing it when they do it, why and not to keep doing so. Not sure what I get out of it but will add that to the suspense list. Meanwhile they're picking on Israel again on Facebook, and after months of attempted education I just called them a bunch of fucking arseholes. They do actually understand that at least as it's their own and apparently only level of understanding. 250 plus countries on the planet, maybe 50 doing dreadful things and they turn their face from them all as they're not Jews. Only the Jews should be watched, followed, criticised on every action and threatened with extermination. That sounds familiar.

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