Monday, August 02, 2010

Last week's summary

There are only two possibilities, either I am being guided towards my ambitions and more or not. The latest event implies all is well as my article appears to have been approved for a mainstream publication. More when confirmed and is due in two months if all goes well. Last week went OK, work and the service and saw lots of friends and relatives afterwards at the tea. I've done more or less sod all since then (not that I need to) besides a few vital business calls and my first game of tennis for a couple of years, I must get the direction back again now as half the shots went randomly.

No plans at all really now although usually find things to do sooner or later. More videos to be made, Streetviewing till all roads have been checked and usual little jobs that have to be done including doctor and optician appointments to be made. The parallel aim is for the personal growth and guidance to not be so painful. I am still suffering from time to time (as we all do) but the goal of Buddhism/yoga is to transcend it and that is my primary goal now. My research on global warming has now reached the point where I've discovered nothing but positive or negative spin on the same data, ie they haven't a clue so can make it look as bad or harmless as they want as long as people don't check the raw figures which are nearly all online.

The IPCC who collate all the information make it very clear there are endless possible results from global warming, but uncertain and impossible to pin on mankind. They include many advantages as well which the media universally ignore, but the bottom line is whatever happens the same old weather will happen in different places just as it always has. There can't be anything else and the more time passes the more they discover and admit cooling is almost as likely now as warming, and if so they can only pack up and go home once global warming comes to an end, whatever the cause. Even though the IPCC report itself concludes the effects will barely be measurable or harmful. Most followers don't bother to check the IPCC reports but rely on the politicians, which is like relying on estate agents to do your survey. All the reports are published in full online and just the fraction I've read are far more like my own conclusions than anything from Greenpeace who used to be a fairly decent bunch and are now the Socialist Workers/Revolutionary party in Green. Green on the outside, all red on the inside. This is a three way war, the left are spreading the word while the thieves are creating it, and the innocent are fighting it. The left have also shown themselves up as the creepy envious morons they truly are, happy to destroy our civilisation that took hundreds of years to create as they hate the well off.

So global warming has been the best tool to use to bring about the fall of capitalism, so of course they've all jumped on it as although it doesn't really exist it's their most effective way to finally bring down society because they think it can. It could have been any other scare story affecting the world with a potential solution, this just fit the criteria better than any other. Anyone with a brain knows they're doing it, just as we know carbon taxes are theft, but unless those without brains stop voting the left in worldwide we're buggered. That's the real warning as our money's being distributed the same as it has been in Zimbabwe and Soviet Russia. Anyone who wants to see a low carbon economy just use Zimbabwe as your model, that's how we'll all be if they win the war against civilisation.


Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

In Australia the Green Party are known as Melons. Green on the outside - Red on the inside. With a Federal on 21st August the Green Party are really show their Red colour with their loony polices and saying how they are planning for World Power.

Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

I received in the post today, 3rd August, my Australian Federal election postal voting forms, voting is compulsory here and because of frail health I am allowed to do my votes by post. I see that there is a Climate Sceptics Party who want to get in both the Lower House and the Upper House (Senate). As we have to do the stupid Preferential voting thing I will give them my 2nd choice vote. The Green Party will get my last vote. Liberals will get my 1st choice vote.