Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Looking at miracles

One thing I can't see happening is me or anyone else really being that original in their messages here, as besides not wanting to venture into fiction you can only draw water from the same well.
With little on the current system besides a likely venture into published writing in October (more at the time) I look at what's the most positive area I can see, that of miracles, as per the Celestine Prophecy. As there are no small or large miracles (anything which beats the rules of science is large) then they range in nature from seeing myself given gifts in the most complicated methods, where each event depends on the last until it gets there (who played Mousetrap?)- imagine the chances of setting up a similar system where every event around you- people, places and the exact timing came together to set one event off after another until the mouse is caught, not happening once to imply something but at least four times in just over a year and counting?

Then there's the outer teaching, people turning up with information as the next stepping stone, like when I read something the day before I'm asked the answer, which has happened to me for ages. Fuck science, they can't measure that beyond itself so shouldn't waste their time trying to dismiss it. Science is the set of information we can test and see, the rest still exists but just beyond its scope. Do you need a scientist to explain an orgasm or happiness to you? Because of course you know what they are but they couldn't test how they feel. Now imagine only a few people had orgasms, then they'd say they didn't exist. Hold on, we've got things we all share they can't detect, but because they experience them don't question their existence? And they call that scientific method? Please. Good at a few things, crap at the rest in many of these cases.

I reckon sometimes I'm being used to communicate, when I start a track and see myself explaining step by step logic without having thought about it beforehand and getting insights on areas I didn't really know enough to provide then I do seem to be taken over, as we all probably are. I think I can open this up to a point though, especially if someone asks me to for a specific reason. There is gold all around us but many people don't see it if it hasn't been made into jewellery. The next part that mystifies me is how the spiritually aware have as many problems and shortcomings as everyone else. I've mixed with them for years and few are the saintly or omniscient types you'd think from their writings, most are normal people again with one area highly developed but not able to cover the areas which aren't. There's no Superman, Jesus or Buddha around whenever you get a highly developed person. Maharaji is one of the closest who is, having heard hundreds of lectures over the years he clearly knows and understands more than most, and Guri Swami G on Youtube is pretty sharp as well, except when she said gurus are to live in normal surroundings as if you gain enlightenment in seclusion you lose it when come back to society. Then she sent one of her enlightened sages for a week alone in the woods. She also gets people to shave their heads although says appearance doesn't matter as a sign of renunciation. Surely if you're enlightened baldness isn't a requirement to maintain it?

Anyway, great scientists are both prone to crime and stupidity, as I have now discovered. There is one more superbrain as well who is one person able to back me into a corner 90% of the time, mainly as I haven't done enough preparation as few have the brains to challenge anyone as he can. He's sadly been off the radio for years as I've been listening to phone ins for 30 years and Tommy Boyd has the wide knowledge and understanding meaning he can basically rip apart anyone on any subject. But if you're that bright the others tend to think you're mad or stupid as half the time they can't follow what you're saying, partly as you think too fast for most to keep up with and make huge leaps of logic that would take slow steps of explanation before others could get it. Plus the ones which are intuitive and takes ages to back up using actual data. Money and fame certainly don't come from these abilities though, abuse, misunderstanding and arguments do, being accused by all adults from the age of about 9 you think you know everything (as you pick them up where they don't and you do), and are little use as a conventional teacher as if you add your own knowledge you can't prove it.

I hope now I'll go from the amount of knowledge I have of such miracles to use them to tip the balance of my own being from negative to positive. I use the counselling formula, my life till now has been the reason I am where I am and not the excuse, but those are bloody good reasons to be negative. It's not about time and effort like a degree, but just doing the right things. Whatever they may be.

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