Saturday, August 28, 2010

Conversations with God

Test- why provide yellow if you can't read it?
Just checking the colours there, why include them if invisible?

Having read most of the Conversation with God books there are only two conclusions, either the author is a genius or he really is talking to God. And if so then we should all be able to do so, it also says many people who receive inspiration unawarely do, and that I certainly do get. One good test is where you can think of something you wouldn't have been able to normally. We can only work out so much and if someone else does it for us we know it wasn't us. So if the same answers come to us when we ask (the main format of the books) then it's apparently a higher intelligence.

So when I open a blog page (although Mr Walsch didn't even need to ask) and request a little original input from a higher intelligence, what happens? Well firstly it seems to be our own thoughts, so the originality test is my way of noticing it's unlikely to be mine, not that much comes out like that for me except in dreams so far. I do believe I am building up a force of energy with all my apparently pointless activities, especially as some of them are leading to potential work in the media again. The Celestine Prophecy routine seems the best route to this level, seeing everything as not just connected but for our own benefit. Every person we speak to, I am being trained to communicate this way and smoothe my own edges as are the people being sent to test mine. I never talk down to people face to face but is a trap we easily fall into in writing and expect many of the rudest people around here aren't the same in person either.

I do see an expanse of vacuum ahead (until the media possibilities anyway), I cleared the business (literal/figurative) out of the way but besides days of constant rain haven't had many ideas either way. So I open this page to God to speak back and answer some of these questions- am I actually heading for success, are my apparent dead ends getting somewhere, and can I get a little bit more credit if they are?

Answers tell me I am clearly following partly my own heart and partly what has been put in my heart to care about. I am being forced to attain immunity from each area that got me, and although it can be tough seem undamaged so far. My own suspicions about my mission are correct, even when it seems nothing is happening it's only until the next event.

My next is about delay- I'll admit the last couple of days my little project has been very busy, and the potential is great, so may have been more productive than it seemed, but there has been very little to make me happy since I found my ultimate road sign last month. Nothing new or different there, but I know I don't expect too much simply as most people seem to have reached where I am aiming, although many who have families say they aren't happy with it. Maybe if they spent 18 years on their own they would appreciate it then, I certainly will. Meanwhile I leave the door open for God to answer and even interrupt or bark orders. And no, I don't mean from other people, that doesn't count, look at the Pope. No, direct messages please.
One message to my opponents out there I am only trying to help, and that means everyone who isn't a criminal. You see kids heading for the main road and push them away, they hate you for it but survive. Later they realise you actually helped them. Many people think and act like children and need the same guidance, and if I've got the means to give it I'd be watching them play on the motorway and doing nothing. End of sermon.


Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

Over the years my once very strong Christian beliefs have changed and although I still keep my church contacts and some involvement because the contacts are also my best friends I now no longer believe in the thing you call God. As you obviously believe in it/him then I tell you why the IF bit, IF there is a God then he/it must be the most EVIL thing in the Universe. he/it is constantly creating life then he/it destroys life to create new life. Look at the way galaxies are battling against each other, suns against stars etc., Look at a more local aspect. Rather than let humans, made in his/it image, obtain all their life support from the Sun we have to consume food which itself is life and then we excrete it and in doing so to cleanse we waste a lot of fresh water and paper made from trees which themselves were a form of life. We are constantly destroying other forms of life and innate items like iron, rock etc so that we can then build other items which in return we will destroy. Life is all about destruction. You are born, life created, then you will die, life destroyed. Evilness of destruction everywhere and all in the name of a thing called God.

We condemn those people who worry us about so called climate change is caused by us humans but hey we were taught by our religious leaders that it is GOD that makes and controls the weather, earthquakes, etc and even plagues of crop destroying insects and illnesses. It is GOD that we have to pray to to send us rain or give us heat and sunshine for our crops etc, It is GOD gave us the life in our mother's womb and cares for us when we are asleep. It is the SAME GOD that made a tiny worm that can blind a child and then eats the eye away and it is the same GOD that allows in his/it's name for terrorists to kill and maim people.
It is the SAME God that can't make up his/its mind just many of him/it there is in the Universe and which religion is the ONLY one.
David I suggest that you read a few of Richard Dawkins books and also understand a lot more of what Sir David Attenborough says in his excellent books and TV series. God was invented by mankind because mankind did not know enough about science etc and we are still learning a lot about the interactivity of everything in the Universe. A Universe that itself will eventually be destroyed --- by God or itself! depending on what you believe in.
You can relax and stay calm by natural means without the need of an imagined friend.

Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

I hope my last comment went through in full as it said the URL was too long, ie the message was too long.If there is a word limit then a warning should go up as it is being typed.

David said...

The conventional idea of a god would never leave all the mess and more you described. Why would any creator include parasites, viruses, poisons and all the rest of his creation we have to deal with every day? Any chance there's a real god would be more likely to be ourselves, if we create everything but unconsciously we then learn to control it and correct everything like a lucid dream. But setting up a religion around it is a human phenomenon and if there was an outside god (not in the scriptures- god is always within except when appearing to Moses which may have been describing something quite different) would be laughing at the wasted time and effort we've made competing for who makes the best rules.

Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

But God is supposed to sent his ONLY child, born in Heaven, to save us and that child Jesus ASCENDED back to Heaven thus God lives in a Haven which is NOT part of the Universe. Our spirits (Souls) are supposed to ASCEND to Heaven. I would be interested as to how and what you define is God? And where he/it is and what and where is heaven and as to how we get there and what happens when we get and how God and us are meant to live? Also using your own Jewish faith and upbringing how does prayer work? And what does your church teachings say about God? There are some very interesting items on the internet about God. But if you haven't read any of Richard Dawkins or Sir David Attenborough's books on the subject I suggest that you do so. I respect the right of others to believe in God etc.