Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday catch up.

I think I'm free now- the doctor, optician and barber aren't a big deal and at my leisure to call (barber first). No plans either but past worrying as I'm free and will make the most of it. While the Americans are crapping themselves over gay marriage and mosques on Facebook I realise what a shame it is people worry about harmless and irrelevant things that don't affect them while there are so many genuine issues to care about. They are confused and I could explain why but they won't hear until they are prepared to listen, which may be when hell freezes over.

As the Big Brother final's on all night my phone calls will have to wait another day, and spent today getting my strimmer back and finding how to make it work again and getting air in the car tyres, what used to be free anywhere and now spend more on petrol finding a free source that also works. I then cut all the front garden and will finish the hedge when I've done this here. After the roofer removed all but the few green tiles from my garage when I said he could have a few the ones removed from next door are now in a heap and coming my way as they are having the roof extended. The divorced woman opposite now has a whole side facing me rotted away and the whole side of the roof is being supported on nothing. She's just spent all her cash buying out her ex husband so doubt she can afford the roof repair, and if it collapses she'll be looking at ten times the amount. None of my business besides the fact I can see it all the time. The supporting beam is sagging more and more and now a foot gap between it and the roof where the edge tiles are now slipping off as a result. My guttering and boards already rotted and were replaced a few years ago before they got that bad so had the same ordeal already.

I wonder now if there are any jobs I haven't done, as when it's quiet I worry I may have missed something important I should be doing as well, but can't think of any. I have just got back another email saying my global warming enquiry was being dealt with, so not forgotten and currently setting up tables of data from the few scientists who get it to show the believers. Nothing less can work as I've discovered. And whatever the science the climate skeptics are all the nicest most sensible people I've come across while most of the believers are left wing, scatty, emotional and judgemental. It seems to follow the personalities, as the 'solutions' to supposed climate issues are purely based on cash extraction and curbing of freedoms, something the left have always been keen on. I've never trusted them all my life as taking people's money they earned legitimately seems the basis of a diseased ideology. Jealousy, resentment and judgement, resulting in the loss of freedom and individuality is something no one want, but the left want to impose it on others without realising if they actually lived in Cuba or North Korea they'd hate it as much as the right. After all, the leaders don't live the way the people do anyway so those imposing the system on the innocent are always outside it as they are using all that money extracted from them in the first place. The global warmists are trying to impose this worldwide and I am one person doing all I can to stop them.

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