Thursday, August 26, 2010

Global warmists are bastards

Despite the rain I've been busy today. I discovered climatecamp on twitter just after it had finished but made my mark nonetheless. The global warmists are on the whole the most obnoxious, whinging, self important dickheads I've ever come across. I've never been insulted as much in all my life than the short time I've been confronting them, and haven't seen a decent argument by a single one of them. On the other side the skeptics are the nicest people I've come across and all decent, sensible and polite. That tells me an awful lot. If the good believe in something and the others are all, well, twats, that implies the nature of the belief to me.

Too early to say, but have now volunteered as an official climate media person, and fingers crossed it will work out. I need the support of a proper organisation with scientists now, I'm not qualified to work alone any more. Prince Charles' solar panels are wonderful as now everyone knows the price to equip an average house with them is more than the house, they last maybe 25 years and anyone stupid enough to waste money on them deserves the TV to go off right in the middle of Who wants to be a Millionaire just before the £50,000 question is answered. It would serve the fuckers right.
And just imagine all the old people with solar panels who found just when they actually needed them after three days of snow they ran out. Oops. Too late to turn the gas on now.

I'm still free thank god, I haven't made any phone calls yet as too busy but have to start soon. All a pain in the arse or I would have sooner (besides the ones they weren't in already). I'll think of somewhere to take photos tomorrow if it's dry, I scanned some steam railways on today I'd missed and would like one more old road sign before the collection's more or less over. Meanwhile I hope the Funtrivia bloggers keep going here, I started long ago and is my equivalent to speaking to real people, but like to read as well. And remember guys, you can cuss and cast aspersions here and no one will stop you. So far nothing's really happened but as long as there's a chance and there's nothing to do that's demanding I'll cope. More would be a bonus though.

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Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

WHAT WARMING? Here in the Barossa Valley, South Australia, Australia we are having one of the LONGEST and COLDEST Winters in at least 60 years and the Meteorology office have announced that our Spring for South Australia which officially starts on 1st September will be COLDER and WETTER than normal and the first month of Summer which officially starts on the 1st December will be COLDER than normal.
Our power bills have gone up by 25% which means that as we pay GST (Goods and Services TAX) on them the State government gets more money so they can waste on non needed things.
In South Australia we have the world's largest Uranium mine and the world's largest uranium stock in all our mines. yet we are NOT allowed to have nuclear power because of the Labor governments and the power of the Melon Party, sorry I mean Greens Party (Green on the outside, red on the inside). The greens don't like us drilling. mining and using, coal, oil, gas, metals or even water all of which Australia has a LOT. They want us to use wind and sun power for homes, industry and transport and use expensive desalination water for consumer and industry use. I am glad that I have no grandchildren, children to worry about living in a stupid world run by ghe greens and other socialists. Also my own life, due to age and health, is nearing its end.
Keep up your words of wisdom to the melons in the world but I don't think you will change their corrupt socialist views.