Monday, May 07, 2007

Nothing on TV but snooker

Being snookered (a very boring world final) by the TV I am back here. I am glad to see a few more visitors than recently, including one from Albania (they have computers?/electricity). I've done sweet FA anyhow since my last visit besides a bit of shopping (normally only reported by geriatrics and retards but little enough excitement can turn anyone into either) but I've played many more online quizzes and this was all that was left. The Funtrivia blogs were threatened with extinction, so typically everyone suddenly realised they needed them and started writing again and they're still there so far. We did get a little chat board instead but not quite as impressive.

The week ahead (my Monday allowance of predictions) seems fairly free, a couple of bookings and that's about it. I want to take pictures of a couple of stations tomorrow as I saw you can probably see them from bridges, and have chosen the next I want to print, and did end up with some nice ones last week after seeing little places in between the others I've taken. How long they will continue to turn up is anyone's guess, but I have now gone out taking them with someone else at last. And female. I certainly appreciate everything I do now as there have been days when I couldn't do any of them for health reasons and now I know it all counts, no job is small, it's only whether you can do it or not that day, like lifting weights. What may be easy to one is impossible to another but may be later on and vice versa. I still have my share of worries, some old, some new and some may be over but can't know for certain. But when I saw the stats today I thought how disappointing it can be to visit a blog and find nothing new. I found 3 of my links are gone now so time to delete but nothing to replace them with. I was looking up an answer for Funtrivia which made me look for this scene from Reginald Perrin, one of my all time favourites.

Adam: I done biggies! (The car screeches to a halt).
Elizabeth: That is not the right way to say it, Adam. It's "I've done biggies".
Linda: Let them talk the way they want to, Mum.
Elizabeth: Well, they should be able to speak correctly. They might want jobs with the BBC one day.
Reggie: Yes, and all the BBC newsreaders say "I've done biggies".
Tom: It's just that we like our own way of bringing them up. We treat them, not as children, but as tiny adults.

The complete scripts are on I also found a load of Fawlty Towers quotes which also sent me back to around 1978. They don't seem to manage such quality any more, possibly Seinfeld but that's long gone as well. I watch a lot less TV now, partly as it's crap and partly as I have broadband. My favourite programmes are on digital which are all from the 60s like Randall and Hopkirk deceased, which I forgot to record today. The Avengers (Thursday) The Saint and all the rest of the similar bunch all show Britain as I remembered it, Morris cars (who sees them any more, not just age but abysmal quality) Routemaster buses, hippy posters, old phones with named exchanges (CUNningham 5797), the adverts you no longer see like the lemon on the grocery door 'I drink Idris when I's dry', Watney's Red Barrel and all the other products long forgotten, although Idris now appears only to supply pubs. These are the things I notice besides the action in life and TV. The setting. And art and design is influenced by atmosphere, and that must mean 2007 is poisonous if you look at the new houses and cars, let alone the TV ads, which appear to be written by and for drug addicts. Totally random and meaningless except to the writer themself. It's a diseased attitude throughout this century, begun with Thatcher's grey emasculation of anything left of the 60s culture, followed by Labour's mirror image 'style over content' government (named by Ben Elton, formerly a fan) which saw Britain become a multicultural overcrowded version of the worst suburbs of Paris. But without the cheap and frequent public transport. Anyone in London can't avoid moaning nowadays unless living in the parts that cost over a million, as the places and people have switched to the third world. Flats replace houses, people double in density due to loss of restrictions on immigration and as a result building densities. No room to move on roads pavements or in any public building. It can't just be Brent and Barnet changing like this, I assume every borough has their share of it and in 50 years the tower blocks will have returned and English will be a minority language. Not racist, just descriptive of how it's starting to change. And if people can't speak the language (I include people who have been here many years, not just recent arrivals) how on earth are they expected to mix with the people who do? They simply don't need to. They have their own communities and clearly manage to get everything they need within them. I mean kids who start school at 5 and have to be taught English, if they're lucky. At least they just had a TV programme about it though it left the viewers with no opinion or conclusion, just the facts. Not that it's hard to make one from them.

Isolation, division, overcrowding and competiton for resources are always signs of a declining society and economy. Add the highest prices for housing and transport (public and private) and anywhere else would have had a war or revolution. We have the Daily Mail which just moans about it and states the bleedin' obvious. Then they vote the idiot Blair and antichrist Livingstone in again to make the damage even worse. OK, David Cameron was chosen to do a Blair to win an election, so we'll get the same either way. Great. More lies about global warming and punitive taxes that hit the poor more as a result. If I say it often enough people may begin to wake up as if you miss the picture it's still there. You've just had it hidden by smoke and mirrors. I try and blow it all away, someone has to do it.

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