Saturday, May 05, 2007

Busier than usual

I see the last post appears quite old but I'm sure I added one since. Never mind, they don't get lost here unlike flickr which sends many photos to oblivion and needs checking from time to time. Another week with two dates with two women, it often seems to happen that way though still only friends, ditto on that as well sadly. I need the patience of a saint whether I have it or not. Even my 2 local buses weren't as slow as these seem to take.

I had another major batch of accounts I just completed today, I assume they are OK. Took two decent lots of photos in between, not new areas as they are all done, but the gaps between the old places, and there seem to be many. I'd so much want to do a TV tour of London NW11 and if I ever get friendly with a producer will push the idea. And I wouldn't have to work far away or indoors either. Perfect job. These films have been made before and were fairly popular so is a possibility. And if allowed I'd be the only one to sneak in toilet jokes as well somehow. Or in the case of NW11 lack of toilets. One in the station and that's the lot. Temple Fortune never had any and the Suburb lost the NW11 one with the N2 one recently reopened. So in that area it's not just the bears that shit in the woods, trust me.

So a bit of business and pleasure this week for a change, and saw a few people, and female. You could almost say my life was becoming what boring people call normal. Of course if you enjoy life and don't hurt anyone that's normal, but not for conventional people. The hippies were the best hope to change all that but that died in the 70s and Victorian values seem to rule again. I think I'll ask blogger why we can't link profiles any more, upgrades are meant to be better but we have lost the most important tool for publicity. I literally have no way of finding any but the few blogs they link from the front page. There is London bloggers but that has been hacked by criminals and is now all ads for viagra, or viA^G*rA as they choose to spell it. Any webmaster can delete nonsense but I think the clever guys can block their spam from being deleted and the whole sites end up folding as did my one on enlightenment. Well, one day I'll be famous. People take the piss when you say that but there's no time limit and I think anyone with ambition can do it, as Max Clifford agrees. I am on step two now and just have to be patient. No sign of the web TV gig yet but they won't waste all that effort. My second subject already has a DVD of some so they have it ready to show. That's the news from Kingsbury for this week and anything else is better left out.

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