Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another day, little changes

I have found by airing all my weird ideas here (and elsewhere) regardless of alienating many and looking like a self obsessed weirdo at least I've got this stuff out of the way and without paying a penny to a therapist. And for all the people accused or accusing people being too deep it's like calling someone too intelligent. You can be too shallow almost to the point of horizontal, but too deep? No way.

I just discovered I ordered (after being a lot more selective than usual) 207 new photos to be printed just now. I have been out 3 0r 4 times a week this year though and made plenty of new views of places known and unknown. Rather than spread myself further afield to undistinguished areas I'm finding smaller and smaller details between the ones I already take. So as people plant new gardens I have different places to see, and did a bunch of road name signs today, not just the sign but the area around them so you can see where the road actually is. The best was an old cast iron double, one above another, saying where it led to. These little things are what life is really about, we all live somewhere but not everyone takes much notice of the details or cares.

Non events, Gordon Brown will be our next Prime Minister. Like changing the name of 1 to 1 to T Mobile. We won't notice the difference. Or if Cameron the twat gets in for the only opposition either. Get rid of grammar schools- by the tories? Fuck me, they'll be promoting immigration next, oh bugger, they are. Talk about between a rock and a hard place. Either way you look the same crazy totalitarian and anti-British policies. Let the EU take us over. Allow anyone in you like with no limits (I think it was 400,000 illegal immigrants just allowed to stay, if my memory was right), and I expect Cameron will finally top it all by agreeing with road charging. If we ever needed a revolution the time is now. General strike, stop paying council tax, using cars and buying petrol. They'll miss us when we stop performing. Petrol costs so much as people don't shop around. The shmock selling it for 97.9 round the corner from 94.9 has just as many people queuing up as the other. So they try and add another penny and it's gone up about 7 in the last month with no economic reasons.
If we were to stop buying it for a few days they'd be stuck.

This week has been reasonably average, the job planned for yesterday was cancelled for a while and I did a bit of work, then started tidying the spare room at last. Lots left to do though. One booking today then to NW11 for more photos as planned, then came back and uploaded them all as usual. And then back in a circle to the order, which takes quite a long time, although I chose them earlier which was half the job. Tomorrow is free all day, if dry probably gardening, and no plans for photos unless something comes to me. Maybe carry on the tidying and who knows. The gap today was I literally spoke to no one. Not even a shop. Besides a couple of irritating people on the phone I've been like someone in solitary. Not good for the soul and nothing you can ever do will replace having another person around. Not even the chatroom I went in with a few stupid kids pretending they were talking to non existent people for half an hour which they thought was really funny. That was the standard. The photos were quite nice, although I realised whether it's raining or not I really can't be bothered to wait for buses to arrive at bus stops to show people getting on and off. If one comes along I'll take it but it's really not worth the effort to do it deliberately.

Unless I'm inspired I could be on the computer all day tomorrow if it rains, although there's nothing I need to look at there either. So many choices...


Anonymous said...

Dear David,
Don't you see that those people on Ft are opressing you? They don'T CARE ABOUT YOU. cut it off!

David said...

You may be anonymous but I suspect I know who you are. And I've met a number of 'those people' at FT and the last thing they do is oppress people. If they pissed you off it's your problem and no one else's, why don't you sort yourself out?