Monday, May 21, 2007

Supernatural events

I was about to carry on talking bollocks as that's all there was, but having just at last been caught up in a psychic web at least that was the first message for a very long time the system is still there despite whatever crap it's been turning up lately. OK, it wasn't all crap, I have a few nice female friends but with the ones I like no physical contact, extend back to around 1983 and you get the picture.
The psychic stuff is another level of the highest type of phenomena I've found, coincidence. My friend has been hiding since his divorce, and I decided it was time I phoned him after not speaking directly for over a year. He said 'you got my message' when I called. No, what message? After well over a year he just left a message asking me to call him back. And what about? He'd just wanted someone they knew to call his mother after losing touch a few years ago and the same day she did. Then I did in response to a call about the same thing happening, only it was a coincidence.

This is how life fits together, there seems a time for things to happen somehow, and even my poor health slowed me down but didn't stop me and made me test my friend's understanding when I was slow or incapable. That's little better after a good week as the ear problem returns like Ken Livingstone (our local curse of a politician) and I'm not quite sure which is easier to get rid of. The final element was he'd had a psychic reading where the first name and second initial of my stepfather came in and he was described exactly as he was with every detail correct, some which he didn't know until I confirmed it. These things freak new experiencers out, especially unbelievers, and although I expect clairvoyance now coincidences have just begun to feel normal to me as they are a part of what I consider normal life now.
Whether there's a point, lesson or good in them I have yet to see. I have survived every assault of germs and neighbours (don't ask) or I wouldn't be here now, but so much needs sorting out in my life which is either beyond my means to arrange or I've already done what I can and have to wait.

The week ahead (so far) is clear, same as the last one was really, and so far the same sort of plans as there's nothing better and my health can limit the scope as well. So I work my way round London NW11, finding more and more details, rather than look to places unknown just because I've done everywhere else. Or known and not worth taking. I was pleased I made something from such pearls as Willesden and Acton, but there's really nowhere clever left. Swiss Cottage possibly, but Kentish Town, Southgate, Barnet and all places beyond are as photogenic in the main as Cherie Blair but less intriguing. I just read a few comments about her somewhere else and if nothing else that face sure generates interest. All the money in the world can't change that... But we all have a cross to bear, including those who don't, who tend to imagine it. I've already described mine, which put me at the 'has to try extremely hard' level of life for good, until you get married anyhow.

Last week was almost free of earache for a change, so it had to come back yesterday, although as I said I don't stop living with these problems, just seem to do it differently. But who wants pain and dizziness? But whatever lessons I may need to learn and changes make they need a little less to generate them. Why suffer to be a better person anyway? Well, I still see around 10 people a day visiting here, so thank you for your persistence, I suspect I know who left the comment yesterday and they clearly have issues that are being transferred to me by projection. No idea what their problem is, but it certainly isn't shared by me. That site has kept me going for much of the last 7 years and the only pratt or wally is the person who sent me the rude message there, and whether or not it's the same person the one who left the comment. Why these guys who know you choose to go anonymous when they know me is cowardly and pathetic, and at least it means some people have worse problems than me, mentally I mean. My mental is quite good now, just the physical.

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