Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Progress possibly

In the last couple of days I've had not only more evidence of remote viewing, but stories from people I know (rather than from books) about seeing the future and being protected from disaster that hadn't yet happened. All this paints a picture of a world quite different from what it appears, the problem being the higher level only appears to most once in a blue moon against a background of banal normality.
We have choices, but given in order to learn which is the right one, and suffer the consequences to avoid us making them again, like enjoying yourself when studying for a degree. These are the self created problems, my only beef being the severity of consequences I would probably have changed without such loud messages. For instance suffering for months rather than hours from a poor decision doesn't teach you any more. You realised your mistake so extending the punishment is more earthly than heavenly. If you create a system (assuming a creator) why make the system tougher than it needs to be?

On the other sides, I still see what could be called piles of manure in the road ahead, and am either ploughing right through or round them when I can find a way. Until this week there was little pleasure to balance, but if my TV programme is on after all that is my good news. After today the only crap ahead is the tax inspection which was delayed for a few weeks and not by me. Crap that I know of anyway. I am realising my reluctance to go out is a physical thing as well, as recovering from chronic fatigue I am using the effort to go round a few shops it would have taken for a day at work. I am limited by my energy and that is low. My brain works perfectly though so I take it back home and create. Photo prints, essays, discussions, networking, all from here. I have visitors, do psychic research and meditate.

Typically Big Brother starts tonight and I have to go out so am recording it, I just hope it works as seeing the new arrivals is a unique programme and sets you up for the rest of the series. My priorities may be all fucked up but they work for me. Meanwhile I see other people running around going out to cinemas, meals and meetings and wonder how I ever managed them myself. I am now able to do limited activities for about an hour and then return home. Better than nothing for sure and it's a lesson not to feel inadequate as a couple of years ago (with the help of tablets I can no longer take) I was like that as well, though not like 20 years earlier. As so much going out is driven not by interest but boredom I see a virtue there, as I'm content nowadays at home, especially with friends or family. I may well have experienced more than the current people my age travelling the world as I crammed it all in to about the first 25 years. Making the lists I am still probably ahead on theatres cinemas and football matches as I used to blitz them when I was interested, and still do with the football health permitting. 4 games in 5 days I think is my record. Driving 50 miles on a Saturday to see a new ground and then drive home was actually good fun and I always bought a little souvenir from the club shops if open, and have a teddy from Southend, a ruler from Oxford, a car from Wycombe and had I not thrown it an empty paper cup from Reading. My version of tourism.

I think the delayed high from last year from the TV programme will carry me along for a while as at the time it was the only thing keeping me sane, was then removed so I had to survive unarmed, and have now got it back. Until you're enlightened you can only get most of your pleasure from outside, and that's how it's designed to work or we'd never bother to do anything. Once you've worn out these avenues (women excepted) you work on inner pleasure as I did in 1996. OK, I'm still waiting, but trying legal drugs which only ended me up in a & e were my only attempt to speed the process. Bad move, seen the error and never again. Many try and many fail that route, not worth the risk but I was desperate and totally uninformed. I suppose the fact LSD was unavailable at the time is one help as people can live with that for life after one trip. Soon after I was offered some and said I'd already tried that route and stopped. Good timing there at least, it may enlighten a few people, and drive the others insane.

Well, that's the news from NW9, it's a relief to have net access but hope the laptop is fixed so I can keep the quizzes up over the weekend. But I still have to look at the cheese and not the holes. Not always that easy. But nothing wrong with a good hole either.

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